Favorite coffee roasters? (companies that roast, not equipment)

Lately I’ve found that I have a strong preference for certain roasting types, (and no, I’m not getting a roaster in the house) and really have found that Ruby coffee roasters - http://rubycoffeeroasters.com - in Wisconsin (no affiliation, etc) has a tendency for lighter roasts with far more acidity than most. After trying the lighter roasts from them and a few others, I really see my preferences clearly. Most roasters seem to favor a higher roast, as apparently the rest of the marketplace prefers that (look at Charbucks, as an example! Yuck), so I wonder if anyone else has experience with roasters that favor a lighter side, with more complexity in acidity and fruity characteristics?

I was turned onto this place by another board member…tremendous, and not all that far from you (I think).


Cool, thanks - not far at all! Their style is a less-roasted one?

I’ve been enjoying the selection from Old Bisbee http://www.oldbisbeeroasters.com. The sampler is a killer deal. $25 on your first order for 4 different 1/2 lb bags of coffee if you use code 31221. Seth roasts as he sends these out. You get 2-3 days after ordering. No shipping charge. No tax. Best/lb deal I’ve come across. Great descriptions of the coffees, too.

Backroad Bob turned me on to this roaster, so if you order, mention his name, and he’ll get a $5 credit from Seth. Or if you’re feeling Dietzie love, mention my name!

Yes, most of their roasts are on the lighter side. If/when they have the Panama Elida in stock, I HIGHLY recommend you try it. It has very pronounced blueberry notes, the strongest fruit notes I’ve ever encountered in a coffee.

Thanks, Corey and Jim

starbucks- end of story

Be careful…you might get reported! [berserker.gif]

I am just kidding. I only say sbux because I have a lifetime free card (which doesn’t get used very much). To be honest, philz and four barrel are both amazing roasters with some spectacular light roast styles (which is also my preferred roast of coffee). Check out philz website- I live a block away from one and would be happy to ship you some beans that look good to you.

My wife and I have tried many places over the years. But, about 8 years ago we settled on a place in Maine, Rock City Roasters (they are accross from the street from the ocean which , IMO, provides an extra dimension, even if the “other”/“wrong” Portland is in their state.https://www.rockcitycoffee.com/rockcitystore.htm

They roast on the lighter side of Starbucks, for sure…and on the lighter side of La Colombe , a Philadelphia favorite, now nationally known. Their Kenyan and Eithiopian coffees are downright fruity. Mamy of their coffees are organic , fair traded, and/or shade grown. Their “One World Blend” is the one we keep coming back and back to…no matter the competition. It is all three…

They ship and give discounts for 2 lb. bags-- or they used to.

Heart Roasters
Four Barrel
Counter Culture
49th Parallel
Bird Rock
Blue Bottle
Ceremony Coffee

I’ve been going through samples of all kinds of local roasters since upgrading my espresso setup last Christmas. All of these fall into “less roasted” category, great for espresso with lots of fruit nuances and none of that burned flavor:

My favorite so far, and by a long shot, is Barefoot in San Jose; their Yirgacheffe Kochere Espresso was a revalation, and the Redcab was really good too:

#2 Bicycle Coffee in Oakland, which I wasn’t going to post because local delivery is what they’re all about, but looks like they have a branch in LA:

Devout coffee in Fremont was recommended by Alan Rath, but they were a touch too light on the roast for my tastes; I ended up using up their beans blended with a (too) dark roast from Pete’s. I mention them however because maybe it’s just what you’re looking for:

Intelligentsia can also be good, in fact I ordered some of their Los Caballeros Honduras Single Origin Espresso this morning:

Corey, your answer is disappointing:). My answer to Todd’s question (and I would presume yours) is ME (in your case, YOU).

Ha! FWIW, Klatch also sells green beans (though much more expensive than Sweet Maria’s or Bodhi Leaf).

Vermont Artisan coffees are quite good with a range of roasting styles, depending upon the bean.
I think the coffee from South and Central America may fit within your preferences.

Light, inexpensive and very good in my opinion.

I still to this day buy roasted coffee about once a month, even though I roast several pounds a week. I like to see what others are doing, and try new things.

I still go back to redbird every 2-3 months.

Larry, let me know how you like the Int…my local whole foods picked up the black cat and I tried my first bag. It was a very dark roast and the darn beans were HARD. I use a hg-one hand grinder and I had a heck of a time grinding those darn things.

I think they were old, but maybe thats the way they roast…for 16 dollars for 12 oz, I didnt try another bag, but I always hear good things about them…wanted a second opinion.


If you like a lighter roast then there’s George Howell and there’s everyone else. Shipping might hurt a bit since it’s cross-country, but I think at certain purchase levels they offer flat rate shipping.

You have 1 of 14 sbux gold cards?

Intelligentsia is local for me and they are very good. Worth giving another try, IMO, especially if you can ascertain the roasting date.