Favorite breathable bung

Tired of the ones I have is there anything better?
I use bung and air lock for whites so I can watch the progression.
I have some of these that I dont really like as I seem to get surface yeast of ml slows at all

I like these but they are harder to keep clean and more time consuming to clean

Is there something better your using out there I have not found yet?
When ml slows enough when the cooler winter temps get here I often use regular solid bungs, but they make me loose sleep at night wondering if one popped.

During fermentation/ML, I use Best Bungs. They have little “feet” on them so that when pressure pushes them up, the feet stop them from being ejected. They seem to work fine but I prefer solid bungs for elevage as the Best Bungs actually touch the wine when completely topped up.
However, there are some folks who really dislike Best Bungs so maybe I am the outlier.
Best, Jim

Boswell are still the best IMHO - no blown bungs. Yes harder to clean but really how much harder. Just toss them in a bucket of proxycarb then a bucket of PAA then water. leave as long as it takes to get clean.

I see those Asco ones blow all the time unless you pull the middle out all the way and then sometimes they snap bask and blow off the barrels.

I think they all pretty much suck. What we used to do with the first kind was make cuts at the “T” of the insert piece so that if they started to come out, the insert had more room to push out, and the entire bung wouldn’t blow. The second kind (The style of the Boswell bungs) are ok, but if the insert gets wet, it can form a seal with the bung, and then it is almost like a solid bung at that point.

the trick to the boswell bungs is that you don’t pull them in all the way. Leave a smidge of looseness between the bung and the cap.

Ferm-Rites are my favorite for barrels. They breathe the easiest, have a low profile and never blow. But they are no good in kegs. Rich Xirberta’s nipple style bungs are best for kegs as they are longer and grip the tri-clover fitting on the kegs well and breathe well. They are good for barrels too but they have a bit of a taller profile than Ferm-Rite.

We also have bought some of these this year and really like the stainless center-piece and that they can be used as a hard bung as well. Not cheap though… http://www.kauriwine.com/bungs.html

I like old fashioned bubblers to see the end of fermentation then switch over to the Alasco’s pictured at the top for any barrels taking their sweet time to go through MLF. If their slow, I don’t leave headspace and haven’t had any issues. For kegs, I use the Alasco Carboy Duall, intended for use on carboys. Most of my keg aren’t converted to TC and the silicone C-Duall will stretch over the neck. They have the same up/down position as the regular bungs. They work great.

Going away from the keg condoms as I think they can slip off without warning(you decide about the pun). We will go with the solid stainless top with a brass blow off that screws in the center. Bergstahler makes them.

Never once had the “keg condom” slip off. A keg that is [wow.gif] If the wine is still active, just leave the vent in up position. Been using them for 3 years without issues. I even use them on kegs with 2" TC flanges.