Family Winemakers Tasting in Del Mar tomorrow - anyone going?

Anyone else headed to the Family Winemakers tasting event in Del Mar, tomorrow, March 13?

Curious how it went, my friend? I’ve poured at it in the past but chose not to this year - didn’t do much for me.


It wasn’t terribly well attended, at least on the gen-pop side. Trade tasting seemed pretty active, very little change once the public was allowed in, but, as if on cue, 20 minutes thereafter a glass was dropped on the floor. An interesting mix of quality, price, and region. One of my highlights is White Rock Vineyard, and I’ve already reached out to Christopher to see if he wants to be part of BerserkerDay :slight_smile:

I even saw a couple Berserkers there!

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Oh man, just saw this. That’s less than a mile from my house. Bummed I missed it…