Falltacular--Friday Night BYOB Dinner, 2/19/2016--FINAL DETAILS in Post #113

As with past years, we will again do the cool Friday dinner. For those of you who may not have attended the Friday dinner previously, let me give some basics. Click here to see posts from last year’s dinner >> Pre-Falltacular Friday Night Dinner--This Friday, 6PM. FINAL DETAILS POSTED - Event Planner - Online or Offline - WineBerserkers

Cost–around $50 a person (final cost TBD as we get closer).
Theme–open. It is BYOB and as many bottles as you like.
Glasses–bring them. This helps the restaurant and us. They avoid stemware expense of cleanup and I can leverage that for price.
Cash–to help the restaurant and add some good will, we pay with cash. It is easier to settle up, and it avoids them paying the CC fees.
Saturday attendance–you can attend the Friday BYOB dinner and not have to attend the Saturday Falltacular main event.
Location and Time–always in South Orange County, near my home. Figure Dana Point or San Clemente, maybe both. 6PM.

The Falltacular aspect of our Friday BYOB dinner has become a clear part of the tradition every year. We had 70 people last year attend, over 100 bottles of wine and it’s a great evening to connect and get ready for the following day. However, as the Friday night event has grown, we have found it challenging to find a restaurant who will work with us on what is one of their two busiest nights of the week. When we find a place that wants to host the dinner, we stick with them.

If you plan to attend, and there is no limit on how many people you bring with you, I need to ask for RSVPs now. Why? Because we may split the dinner this year across two locations, to help spread the attendance, making the dinner more comfortable with space and ability to move around and talk. Both Brick (2014) and Luciana’s (2015) felt tight for many people and we want to fix that for 2016.

To help me understand if we need two locations, I want the RSVPs to start now, which will allow me to forecast if we need both restaurants this time. I am not trying to message we need less attendance from all of you…rather, just some idea now as to RSVPs so I can plan this smartly.

Post away. Need your name and how many “+” guests you intend to have with you.

For now, Frank, I’ll be a doubtful for the Friday dinner—I do have plans at the moment for the Friday that I arrive. That may change and if so, will let you know. As may remember, I had already been thinking about a split last year and I do think it may be a good choice, though of course always the tough part about missing some of the gang…but then that’s what FallTacular itself is for.

Regardless, I do hope to be at the BW DP by late evening and certainly to attend for the full FallTacular Saturday experience once again. Flights are booked.


In +1

Andrew + Sahba will be there

Sal and Nancy are in!

Jennifer and I are in!

I’m in

Scott and Andrea in

Mike & Dana are in.
Michael & Cheryl Schulman are going as well.

Or Mike +3. [berserker.gif]

I’m in for the smaller venue.

I’m in +2

Laurie and I, and our friends the Gootkins are definitely in again for Friday. And since you are looking at the total picture, we may have another couple to introduce to the Falltacular weekend festivities. So you can count four or six.

In +1. Always a favorite event.

For sure the Smiths and the Caplans

JoAnn and I are in. Hoping the place will be less crowded so we can actually mingle.

In with at least two!

Marshall [cheers.gif]


Hi Frankie,
I’m In!!!


Formerly known as Robin.

I’m in