Falltacular 2023--Saturday, March 25th

To the Falltacular family, we want to get out the word that for 2023, we will host Falltacular on Saturday, March 25th. Our hope is that by getting this date out now, you have time to plan and lock in your attendance. We know that last month we did not have a lot of lead time and so a # of you could not make it. Now, with 5 months of notice, we hope to see many of you in March.

My intuition is that our attendance will be robust. And we also learned last month that the smaller attendance we experienced had some real upside, as the house was roomier and overall felt less crowded. So, please set your expectation that we should have more people for 2023 but that I am keenly focused on getting the right number of folks into the event, to help us raise the money we need for Laura’s House, AND to provide all of you a great, comfortable event. It’s about balance.

Thank you for what each of you has done, in your own way, to make our 15 years successful and we look forward to our 16th year coming up in March!

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Keep in mind that if you attend you will be required to sing Happy Birthday to me, as March 25th is my birthday!

If? Don’t toss out that kind of post with a tentative message. Commit, and then we will sing.

Commit, so everyone can practice??

Smooth talker. Just attend 2023 and we will sing. You can bet on that, and we will record that.

Yes. Falltacular 2023 is all about Tawd. And your gift is me.

I’ll bring my kazoo–or noisemaker—I have to decide.

It is looking fairly likely now that I will be able to make it again. I should know for sure in about a month’s time.

Informed Dava of the new date last night. Initial reaction was positive!

would love to be able to attend my first in 2023 if there is room for a first timer.

Jeff, remind me again where you’re coming from IE where you live. When I sell tickets in March I always give some level of preference for people that are out of state because of the extra commitment of effort they make to get here from coming long distance. So as a new person you could come to the event under the out-of-state privilege rather than waiting for the tickets to be offered to the new people which is later in the sale of the tickets.

Frank -

I live in Burbank. I think the out of state approach pref is a thoughtful process.


Ah ok. Well when I get ready to sell the tickets for the event all the dates will be pretty well communicated so you’ll know exactly when you can make the payment and get the money in and if you act quickly you should be okay

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