Fall 2020 Shipping Season Thread

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It begins! My cases of Goodfellow (I think) just landed in St. Louis. What else is everyone crossing off their “pending” list?

Envoyer is sending me a ton of stuff in a month or so; getting a few cases this week from various sources, for some reason, a ton of Lignier.

I really hope nothing ships until this CA heat wave is in the rear view mirror. Had a half case ship last week when it was 85-95. There’s just no reason for that.

I think I am somewhere around 10 cases pending. Gonna have a lot of back shifting to do in my locker soon.

Four boxes have already arrived. It gets crazy week after next.

I’ll be getting my 5 cases of Hofgut Falkenstein the week of 10/12. So excited!

It has begun! I received my 2018 Joh Jos Prums yesterday along with 2016 Berkastler Lay GK. I have about 15 different orders including about 70-80 bottles all coming over the next 4-6 weeks along with several bottles purchased on the classified section of WB. It’s exciting every day checking the tracking numbers and emails. Mostly back vintages of JJ Prum, but also several assorted Ridge, Mayacamus, Domaine Droughin Pinot, Max Ferd Richter, Granhaus, Schloss Liser, Donhoff, and other assorted stuff. It’s going to be a fun shipping season.

[cheers.gif] [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif] .

I’m jealous. If you don’t mind sharing, which styles/levels did you buy? I have been looking into getting some Hofgut Falkenstein, but haven’t had it before so want to do a little research before purchasing.

2 deliveries today, more than I can remember scheduled the next 3 weeks before I commit a date for the crazy number of cases from from Envoyer and Lopa

Still too hot here in Florida :slightly_frowning_face:

I bought across the spectrum. I’ve had a handful of their wines in the past but only at the off-dry and kabinett level.

A couple weeks ago I got a box from Envoyer. It was during one of the cool periods AND had ice packs. Two thumbs up.
The covidium has definitely affected my buying habits. Will try to slow down. More stuff on the way than I truly have room for. Offsite will not be happening.
No five cases of Falkenstein for me! But I have definitely jumped on the 2019 Germany bandwagon. Currently 2019s in the pipeline have a 2021 arrival.

Teeter-totter arrived last week, Pott is on the way and I think Bedrock is set to ship next week. Then it gets crazy…musical chairs, cellar edition!

So excited. I got small lots of tons of different stuff coming. Ceritas, Aubert, Walter Scott, Pegau and Bedrock. And then from auction, some Jamet, some late 70s birth year Barolo, and some more random slightly older Bedrock and Walter Scott, along with some D’Yquem.

2 cases of Anthill Farms arrived yesterday in Phoenix, too hot to ship IMHO