Fake 1987 Petrus Being Sold at Auction

Just a heads up, I noticed an obviously fake 1987 Petrus being sold at auction in Brazil. I’ve tried alerting the seller, who has been unresponsive.

Here’s a link to the offending lot: Exchange

How do you alter the seller? :slight_smile:

Horrible fake.

It has something to do with Hardy Rodenstock’s ghost and an ancient ritual.

John was sprung from prison? Oh, wait, never mind.

What, they don’t wax their capsules?

Can’t read the cork but would be interesting to see what it says, seems pretty long…

What is Superbid, and why would anyone buy a bottle of Petrus from them?

Nice remodeling of a Dunn Howell Mountain bottle!

In the future, I think bidding should reflect the creativity involved in making the fake, as all the real Petrus was consumed in Vegas years ago.

So you can buy a Super Petrus, of course!

You don’t have to fool everyone; you just have to fool enough people…


Dear one,

I am the chief financial minister of Nigeria and I am looking for someone to help me relocate my wine cellar…

The wax seal is the dead give-away.
I can’t say that I’ve been there, ‘Dunn’ that!
IF it is a Dunn, at least, it would very likely be an upgrade in quality for a ‘1987’ Petrus. .