Faiveley question

Domaine Drouhin is in Oregon, and Joseph Drouhin is Burgundy. Easy to differentiate. What’s the difference between Domaine Faiveley and Joseph Faiveley - is one the estate grown fruit and the other the négotiant?

Yes - Joseph Faiveley is a negociant.

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uh… I’m too lazy to look it up, but it is likely that Drouhin also makes domaine wines in Burgundy. In Burgundy the name legally means that the wine comes from a parcel owned by the “domaine”. so they manage the prunning, the harvesting, the fermentation and elevage, etc. , everything from start to finish. Many of the larger negociants in Burgundy also own vineyards and produce “domaine” wines. Look for something on the label to indicate this. These are typically their best wines!

Yes, but in this case the implication from Dennis’ question is that he probably already knew this. Both estate and negociant wines are produced under the Joseph Drouhin label (which is why they can’t call it Domaine Drouhin in Burgundy). And their negociant wines are both some of the weakest in the lineup (e.g., IMO Chambertin) and some of the strongest (e.g., IMO Clos St. Denis).

Not exactly true…

Look at the following examples -

Ponsot Griotte
Ponsot CM 1er Charmes
Ponsot Clos St. Denis
Ponsot Corton


I’m sure there are others other than Ponsot but that was the first that come to mind.

I assume those Ponsot vineyards, if not “owned”, are under a lease arrangement? So Ponsot still would “farm the land”, raise and harvest the grapes, etc.?

Good question. Ponsot owns quite a bit of Clos de la Roche - maybe the majority.

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I wouldn’t shy away from the newer Faiveley negociant wines if the prices look right. K&L sold a bunch of 2010 Villages CM, VR and Gevrey for $40 and they are all really tasty.

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Just picked up a 2007 Joseph Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin to try. Got a case of 6 2013 Mercurey Clos des Myglands sitting in the cellar too.

If you like Drouhin’s CSD, then give their Clos Sorbe a try. Of course, I suspect you already know this, and exactly why I suggest it. [cheers.gif]

Who me? I know nothing about Paul’s near-namesake.

For whatever reason when I was still buying new release Burgundy I saw the CSD much more than the MSD CS so I have more experience with the former but yes, both are really good.