Facebook "10 things others like but I don't" challenge - adult beverage version

Stolen from Facebook, but the “adult beverages” version seems to fit here.

10 things lots of others seem to like, but I don’t - adult beverages version. I know many of these are quality artisan beverages made by wonderful people who care, but they’re just not my thing…

  1. Sauvignon blanc from anywhere (except dessert wines and a few skin-fermented “orange” versions)

  2. Pinot noir not from Burgundy

  3. Napa valley (or other) cabernet made with ripeness and oak that goes to 11 and a triple-digit price to match

  4. Oxidized white wines, even when made that way on purpose

  5. Wines from traditional European wine regions made in the “international” style

  6. Syrupy mass market red wines with overt residual sugar and their white wine cousins, the ultra-buttery chardonnays

  7. Beers with very little flavor (typical mass-market lagers and others made in the same style); or with extreme flavor (barleywine, imperial stout, or other super-malty beers, IPA and other super-hoppy beers, sour beers)

  8. Bourbon or Scotch drinks with anything in them other than Bourbon or Scotch, water, and/or ice

  9. Drinks whose only flavor comes from their non-alcoholic components

  10. Martini glasses and coupe glasses, even when they are the traditionally proper glass for what I’m drinking

Off the top -

  1. Bourbon, whiskey, and “brown” liquors
  2. “Natural” wine that excuses flaws with morality
  3. Milk
  4. Dark roasted coffee
  5. Flavored coffee
  6. Flavored teas
  7. “Tea” that isn’t camellia sinensis but that is made from some leaves of whatever
  8. Most (not all) Pinot Noir
  9. Most Gwertz, although I’ve had a few that were OK
  10. The majority of the Pinot Noirs I’ve had in my life

Stunningly well done, I am 8/10 with you!

Well, I intended only alcohol when I said “adult” beverages, but why not?

  1. Viognier (unless it’s mixed with red wine)
  2. Champagne - not that I don’t like it but it just never impressed me.
  3. Gewurtz
  4. Bourbon
  5. Romanian Pinot Noir
  6. Rose
  7. Red Bordeaux
  8. Mollydooker type wines
  9. Porter
  10. Malort
  1. Booze (otherwise known as hard alcohol)
  2. Mass market plonk
  3. High end snobby plonk
  4. Neutral spirit drinks
  5. Wines where you taste the alcoholic burn
  6. Wines where you taste nothing but oak
  7. Wine that is so thin and transparent that is no longer good
  8. Pond water
  9. Swamp water
  10. Hose water
  1. Madeira (everyone tells me it makes no sense to love Sherry and dislike Madeira but the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of)
  2. Genesee Cream Ale - I thought I hated beer for years because this was the first one I tried
  3. Vodka - what’s the point?
  4. Ripe grenache
  5. Overripe anything else
  6. Natural wine that believes you should respect it simply because it is natural. That dishonors all the amazing natural wines out there.
  7. Sine Qua Non, Saxum, etc., etc.
  8. Chapoutier. Booring
  9. I know it isn’t the point but Greg’s comment on flavored coffee struck such a chord that I had to include it. A weakness for Fortnum & Mason’s Earl Grey means I can’t include flavored tea.
  10. Krug

That’s funny to see a very sophisticated wine drinker say that, as I feel it’s like declaring yourself unsophisticated to say you don’t love pinot. I have a love-hate relationship with it, more often just being indifferent to it. Though, I did have some DRC recently with Fu that was sorta awesome. But generally speaking, I just avoid it. I have like 3 bottles in my entire collection.

  1. Rolland, Cambie, Bouard, Derenoncort, et al.

  2. Chardonnay

  3. Rose (except for Rose Champagne)

  4. Lite beers or the new breed of Rollandesque high ABV beers

  5. Sherry

  6. American oak

  7. Use of new oak on some grapes not made for it, like Grenache

  8. Wine Clubs and Wine Lists, generally

  9. James Suckling

  10. [Need to think further]

I agree with your list more than most of the lists that come after it:

  1. Pretty much any alcoholic beverage other than wine. I never liked beer. Drank some brown alcohol drinks when I was younger and of course had fruitier cocktails, but nothing really compares with wines.

  2. Pinot noir not from Burgundy. I am glad they make pinot noir from places other than Burgundy. Otherwise, the price of Burgundy would even be higher. Does not mean I want to drink the stuff.

  3. High alcohol, oak and extract wines from California, Spain, Bordeaux, etc. - California made its reputation in the 1970s and 1980s with rich wines that had balance (including more moderate alcohol) and flavor. Those types of wines are still IMHO the best California wines and they seem to be ignored by the California wine lovers on this board who seem to go after the latest and greatest. And, don’t get me started on how St. Emilion has been ruined.

  4. Modern Leoville Poyferre. I mean, great terroir. Love the 1966 and 1970. Love wines from St. Julien. Love Leoville las Cases, Leoville Barton, Ducru. But why does LP now have to make wines that are such a mess and why do so many people rate them so highly?

  5. ultra-buttery chardonnays. California makes some very nice Chardonnays like Mount Eden, Ceritas, Stony Hill, Kalin, etc. Why bother with the oaky, buttery messes?

  6. Coffee - don’t even like coffee iced cream.

  7. Earl Grey tea. I mean I love tea. Being from Georgia, esp. iced tea. But earl grey is awful.

  8. Fortified wines other than port. I like Port. Wish I drank more, but I like it. But, I don’t think I have ever had a sherry or madeira that really sent me.

  9. Grenache and Syrah. OK, there is an occasional good one, but if I want a Southern French wine, give me Bandol.

  10. Finally, TROCKEN WINES FROM GERMANY. One of the most unique wines in the world are German wines with a beautiful blend of extract, acid and some residual sugar. There is nothing in the world like a classic German Kabinett or Spatlese from a ripe but higher acid vintage. [Think 1990, for example.] Why do they need to make dry wines in Germany. There are dry wines from all over the world. Why destroy what is unique. Maybe they just need more Chardonay and Pinot Noir in Germany so that German wines can be nothing more than poor cousins of Burgundy. [stirthepothal.gif]

And, for extra credit, I really don’t understand how someone can think they have a sophisticated palate when they like Ovid and don’t like Burgundy. [wow.gif]

  1. Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Sauvignon Blanc
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Sauvignon Blanc
  6. Sauvignon Blanc
  7. Sauvignon Blanc
  8. Sauvignon Blanc
  9. Sauvignon Blanc
  10. Vodka

Have you had Cotat with some age on it?

Hard seltzer
Hard cider
Lite beer

Seems I’m not alone in some of my dislikes

  1. Sauvignon Blanc (particularly those made in a 2500 km radius of my house)
  2. Buttery chardonnays
  3. Rose that doesn’t finish dry
  4. Vodka - Why bother?
  5. Big shirazes
  6. Penfolds wines - I just can’t get excited about them
  7. Earl Grey tea - I do not want my tea orangey or or oily
  8. Wheat beer that isn’t sour
  9. Most Tawny ports at 10 years old or younger
  10. Instant coffee or coffee has anything other than milk as an additive
  1. Chardonnay

  2. Riesling that pretends to be dry but has buckets of sugar in it because “it’s balanced with great acidity”.

  3. Tecate - why, when there’s Victoria?

  4. Heineken - if there ever was an example that advertising can sell anything, this is it.

  5. Amstel - see above, but without the advertising.

  6. IPA’s - “yeah, I’ll suck on 34 tea bags for you”

  7. General mistrust of wine that does not specify variety. I know it’s tradition, but I’m firmly in the new world on this. Just change it, shed the shackles. If more than 90% of the consumers don’t know if its a region, a grape or just a town when they buy your wine, it’s time to change.

  8. High alcohol beers.

  9. Vodka drinks.

  10. Anything melon-flavored.

  11. Paring sweet wines with desserts. Or chocolate.

  1. Napa Cabernet <30 yrs old
  2. Wine as an aperitif (i.e., wine w/o food)
  3. Malty beer
  4. Wine produced from non-indigenous varieties
  5. Peter Michael Chardonnay (or substitute most CA whites)
  6. Coffee that emphasizes chocolate flavors
  7. Anything overripe or over-extracted
  8. Rum
  9. Wine with no sense of place of origin
  10. Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label

I have to say, David, that surprises me. Not even Loire Sav Blanc (Cotat, Vatan, et al.)? Interesting indeed.

That’s really not a very nice thing to say about poor Greg, he was opening up his soul. I’m sure that was hard. On the other hand, I embrace my yak palate.


I have not, and everyone’s favorite wino Viking said the same thing to me on Facebook. I love Loire chenins, and I have had Sancerre, thought not more than enough to confirm that I don’t like it, but if I’ve had any Cotat, it was not aged, and it was not the top “Monts Damnés” bottling. Certainly willing to try! You know, for the sake of science…

By its definition this topic invites people to declare/admit they don’t like stuff that many others do, and thus invites disagreement and ridicule. So the topic sort of requires a judgment-free zone for responses.

Then again, this is Berserkers. [berserker.gif]

on this site, I have a feeling there will be more interesting answers in the reverse question: “Things I Like but that Others Don’t”