Extra pay between Business and First

I am looking at about $1000 to go First rather than Business on BA. Normally the difference may be 5k or so, and then there is no thinking. Both classes have lie flat, and that is the main reason for business rather than economy.

Is that a question?

It’s 7 years since I flew BA F, but I’d say that’s a good price.

If thats return for a long haul flight its a no brainer, you can get that in alcohol easily

British Airways First Class is the World’s Second Best Business Class

What plane is the business class on. Some planes have decent seating in business (747) but others have 8 across, on the same planes that American has 4 across.

It’s been a while, but I found F very exposed in BA, have to choose your seat carefully if that’s a concern.

First question is - why BA? Are they cheaper than others that have 4 across in business?

Correct. Save you money.

I fly BA everywhere and have flown several million miles with them. I wouldn’t bother with 1st for the extra grand unless it’s a 12 hour plus flight. It’s certainly nicer and you’d notice it more if it was a day flight. However, no way it’s worth a grand for anything less than 12 hours and they certainly don’t have any wines in 1st where you could hope even to make up a $100 difference, let alone a grand.

If it’s an overnight flight and the plane’s a jumbo, make sure you get a seat on the upper deck by the window. Grab an extra pillow and you can use that to “bridge” across to the cupboards under the window. That way, you can stretch one arm across the arm rest to the cupboards, supported by the pillow. Makes a huge difference to how comfortably you can sleep in my experience.

I’m going to miss Etihad/Emirates…

What price does LH F make sense over LH J? 8-9 hour flight. Either arriving or connecting in FRA if the lounge matters.

748 is the plane.i am currently in J.

impossible to quantify as of course some people wouldn’t pay $100 and others would glady pay $2k but FCT @ FRA is the shit

Thank you folks. Will go with biz though not terribly happy with the choices. The first class was on a 747, and the price of $3.5k seemed doable. But I will save $1k per person, so $2k all together. That will give Mel a lot of shoppig choices in Romania.

The transatlantic flights are not the best, but I will be able to sleep in them. Going there will be Chicago Zurich on Swiss Air on a A330. Returning flight is Frankfurt Vancouver on 747. At least I will be able to get out and into San Diego, rather than LA.

Would love to find biz in a 121 configuration at $2.5k.

I ended up with an ideal trip to Romania in Biz for 2.5K. San Diego London, London Bucharest and vice versa.

The factors considered are of course different for everyone but the first class experience at FRA is something you won’t forget.

Even the lounge(s) at Munich are the bees knees.
Clear custom’s while you are in the lounge . . . yes please.

I’m in MUC a few times a year transiting to/from the USA and like a schmuck I go thru the regular immigration/passport control first and then head to the lounge (is that what you mean by customs? I never get bags there or exit to Germany, so not sure what you are meaning?). How does one clear immigration in the lounge? TIA.

In the Lufthansa first class lounge, there is a window with a custom’s officer.

When you enter the lounge from the Schengen area, he will stamp your passport as you are departing.
Likewise there is a separate entrance, on a different level, from the non-Schengen area upon arrival.

Not sure why everyone is recommending LH?? Sure if you are leaving from Frankfurt the FCT is great but it horrible for connections. You have to make your own way to the lounge or FCT in Frankfurt. Air France is much better with guaranteed car service for connecting flights and an equal lounge to the FCT in FRA. All things being equal price wise i would much rather fly AF first than LH.

Thanks. Any idea if they have it in the senator or business class lounges? (I only fly biz class on LH, haven’t been in their first several years)

Can’t fly AF F on points/miles. I got picked up and dropped right by the first class lounge in FRA on a connection. Did however walk to the FCT