External links messed up?

Does anybody else have this issue?

I go to click on one of the links somebody posts (like to the Schrader story or that crazy house in Rochester, MN) and up pops a new tab (as expected) but then it just sits on a wineberserkers.com URL with the actual link at the end using standard url encoding (e.g. %2F for /). It’s a pain, but I don’t know what’s causing it. Anybody have any ideas?

Maybe it’s Todd’s way of getting you to be a paying member??

I have this problem occasionally too. If I right click and do open in a new tab it works every time.

And I am a paying member, so it’s not that. My browser is pretty locked down, but inline links from other sites usually work.

I have that problem on my iPad but not on my PC. I’m paying member.