EXTENDED Vincent BD12 Offer - Oregon Wines

I still have wine, if any intrepid Berserkers still have room in the cellar, hit me up with your selections and I’ll reply as soon as I can, may be in and out today - email vincentwines@gmail.com.

Vincent Wine Company has been part of BerserkerDay since 2011, stoked to be part of BD12 with these crazy good deals.

A little background on Vincent:
I make 2,000 cases of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Gamay and red Pinot Gris at a rented facility in the Eola-Amity Hills in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Farming is at least sustainable if not organic at every vineyard I work with. Winemaking is hands-off but careful, with a very light touch in the cellar to preserve delicate textures. Wines are all unfined and unfiltered, with no new wood or additions other than judicious amounts of SO2. The wines reflect the grapes, sites and vintages…and generally taste delicious. Learn more about Vincent here - https://vincentwinecompany.com.

To place your BD12 orders, email me your selections at vincentwines@gmail.com. I accept payment via Square - I can email you an invoice that’s easy for you to pay, no app required. Or you can pay by Venmo, I’m @VincentWines. You need the Venmo app but it’s nice because there are no fees.

Ok, here are the Vincent BD12 deals. Email with questions.

1. Armstrong Vineyard / Ribbon Ridge AVA Pinot Noir 6-pack - retail value with shipping $305
Two bottles each:
2016 Armstrong Pinot Noir - 93pts Vinous
2017 Armstrong Pinot Noir - 93pts Vinous
2018 Armstrong Pinot Noir - not yet rated
BD12 SPECIAL - $249 shipping included

Armstrong is a special site owned by Berserker Doug Ackerman of Red Electric Wines, also a BD12 participant. I’ve worked with the vineyard since its first crop in 2010. This site is also the source for my “Ribbon Ridge” Pinot Noir. The Armstrong designate is for the best barrels, and held a few months longer in cask before bottling. Armstrong gives classic Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir qualities - black cherry fruit, darjeeling tea, with a broad mouthfeel and fine chalky tannin from partial whole cluster fermentation. These wines can cellar for a decade but are all approachable young.

2. 2017 Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir 6-pack - retail value with shipping $305
Two bottles each:
2017 Temperance Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir - 94pts Vinous
2017 Zenith Vineyard Pinot Noir - 94pts Vinous
2017 Bjornson Vineyard Pinot Noir - 93pts Vinous
BD12 SPECIAL - $249 shipping included

2017 may be my favorite vintage for Oregon Pinot Noir to date. I’m so proud of these wines I saved some for BerserkerDay. Don’t miss these '17s! In 2017, a late spring led into a warm summer but still ripening didn’t happen until very late September, when fall weather arrived and the grapes ripened slowly. Temperance Hill and Bjornson are both volcanic sites, Zenith is marine sedimentary. All wines were 100% destemmed and show soil driven textures - more acid for the volcanic soils, more chalky from the marine soils. Red fruits abound, give these air time young or cellar for 8-10 years.

3. Chardonnay 6-pack - retail value $174
Two bottles each:
2019 Chardonnay Willamette Valley - 90pts Vinous for the 2018
2018 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” - 92pts Vinous for the 2017
2018 Chardonnay Brick House Vineyard - 93pts Vinous for the 2017
BD12 SPECIAL - $149
Shipping $25 (free with 12 bottle+ purchase)

The Chardonnay renaissance in the Willamette Valley is so exciting to be part of. Growers are focusing so much energy into growing quality chardonnay. We’re picking earlier than the old days, so the fruit is more al dente than overripe, giving fleshy but still taut wines after barrel fermentation and aging. The '19 Chardonnay WV is an early bottling, after 10 months in neutral wood. The “Tardive” is a special selection of the best barrels, held longer in cask and bottled later, hence this is a cuvee “tardive” (not late picked). The core of the Tardive bottling is the old 108 clone of Chardonnay (Wente) and has such freshness and energy even after a year and a half on the lees. Brick House Vineyard is a local legend, just up the road from Armstrong Vineyard on Ribbon Ridge. I’ve made a few precious barrels of Brick House Chardonnay for a few years, it’s always the first fruit of the harvest. The 2018 clocks in at 11.5% alcohol - it’s delicately full and expansive in the mouth. Do not miss it.

4. Willamette Valley 6-packs - approx 20% off retail
2019 Pinot Blanc WV Six pack - BD12 Special Price $99 - 91pts Vinous for the 2018
2019 Gamay WV - BD12 Special Price $99
2019 Pinot Gris WV - BD12 Special Price $99 - this is RED WINE
2018 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge - BD12 Special Price $149
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley “Tardive” - BD12 Special Price $149late addition to the offer!!*

Shipping $25 for one six pack, free shipping on any two six packs or more. Stock up on my least expensive wines, all made with the same care as the fanciest bottlings.

The Pinot Blanc WV is a cult favorite. Made just like the Chardonnay WV - natural fermentation in neutral barrels, on the lees for 10 months, the Blanc is fresh and precise in the Burgundian tradition. Fruit comes from 1990s vines in the one block of Pinot Blanc at Zenith Vineyard.

Attention Gamay lovers! My Gamay WV is partial whole cluster fermented in open top fermenters just like Pinot Noir, then aged for 10 months in neutral barrels. Fresh, brushy, peppery and lively red-fruited Gamay. Gulpable. Mostly fruit from an unnamed vineyard in the Chehalem Mountains.

Red Pinot Gris alert - I started making the Gris “Noir” in 2017 after inspiration from Oregon and Italy. 100% destemmed and fermented to dryness on the skins, three weeks of maceration for a full tannin and color extraction, this light red wine can be chilled or served at cellar temperature. Stones, fruit pits, strawberries and all sorts of savory notes. Fruit from 1980s own rooted vines at Dion Vineyard in the Laurelwood AVA, famous for its loess soils!

Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir - 100% Armstrong Vineyard Pinot Noir, just bottled early from a selection of barrels just not quite at the single vineyard level. Classic Ribbon Ridge elements here, with a touch more fruit and softness for drinking over the next 3-5 years (or beyond, should age well).

Pinot Noir WV Tardive - mostly Silvershot Vineyard with some Redford-Wetle and Armstrong blended in, aged 18 months in barrel like all my single vineyards. I was intending to bottle the Silvershot but late in the game made a decision to change things - the wine is delicious but maybe a bit more about the ripeness of the vintage than the fine marine soils here. In retrospect, I probably could have just bottled it as Silvershot but now it’s essentially single vineyard level at the mid-tier price. Go for it!

To order, email your picks to Vincent at vincentwines@gmail.com. I’ll follow up directly as soon as possible. Thank you!!


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Thanks for the quick early orders, keep them coming!

Order in!!! Thanks

Email sent! And we’re off!

I opened a bottle of '16 Vincent Silvershot Vineyard last night, and holy hell, that is my top wine of the last couple months. Looks like there is no Silvershot in '18? What would be the closest?

I’m in!!! thanks vincent…

Josh, indeed no Silvershot designate in 2018 but I did a special cuvee that is mostly Silvershot. It’s the 2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley “Tardive” - not originally part of BerserkerDay offers for but you early folks I’m tossing it in at the Ribbon Ridge slot, $149 a six-pack, shipping $25.

I designate wines as “Tardive” when they are a later bottling of an earlier cuvee, so this is a totally unique wine but I already had an '18 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir bottled after 10 months, blend of all vineyards. The '18 Tardive was 18 months on the lees, mostly Silvershot vineyard with some Redford-Wetle and Armstrong vineyards blended in. Think of “Tardive” as “Reserve” but I just like the word Tardive better lol.

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Order in. Really enjoyed my first Vincent wines a couple months ago.

Thank you Mike!!

Thanks, order in!

Got it, thanks Josh!!

There is no way this offer should be lurking at the bottom of the list. These are terrific wines. The Chardonnays are particularly fun, with a tangy quality that always reminds me of Jura ouille Chardonnays. On the other hand, the Pinot Blanc is one of the best examples of that variety that I’ve ever had. Then there are the delicious Pinot Noirs . . .

Thank you Mike, I appreciate the bump!!

those are some seriously good deals. bravo, Vincent!

Always a favorite. We like everything Vincent makes. In for a mixed case of two sixers: Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc for hot summers on the front porch…

Got a sixer of the Ribbon Ridge PN…can’t go wrong with Vincent as winemaker and Doug as the fruit source!

Thank you guys! Armstrong Vineyard - source of the Ribbon Ridge bottling as well as the Armstrong designate each year - is a top notch site. Organic farming protocols and a true commitment to quality. It shows in the wines. I honestly take a very light touch in the cellar because the grapes have all the goods. Very few punchdowns or pump overs during three weeks of maceration, the goal is mostly infusion rather than extraction. The result is classic Oregon and especially classic Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir. So glad people at into it!

I have been converted into a regular customer here and love the gamay as well as the PN. Six Armstrong and six gamay for me!

John Simpson, good picks! Always glad to be part of your porch time. Thank you!