*EXTENDED TO SUNDAY* Glasvin: Up to 30% Off, BerserkerDay Exclusives Available (Limited Quantities)

TLDR: Everything is on sale, up to [ended]%, the more you spend the more you save, go to glas.vin and see discounts automatically applied in your cart

Hi and happy Berserker Day 15! First off, thank you for all the support shown by WB members since 2020. This is now our fourth WB day - you can read what other WB members have to say about us here.

Glasvin is a direct-to-consumer hand-blown stemware company. Our young and vibrant company offers hand-made glasses at an exceptional value. Our goal is to make premium glassware more accessible to all wine lovers. We believe selling directly to consumers allows us to be more engaging and provide better customer service. Here are some of our recent accomplishments:

  • We are used in 150+ US restaurants and 20+ Michelin Starred Restaurants, and 5 Wine Spectator Grand Award restaurants
  • We are the official glass of La Paulée, Festa del Barolo, La Fête and La Tablée
  • We’ve sold 15,000+ orders
  • Custom glasses with Raj Parr (see video) - will be available around May, not sold through us
  • Stemware of choice of Colgin, Lingua Franca, Tyler, Dunn, Neiman, etc.
  • Launched GV Home, our more durable line and our cocktail collection
  • Featured on NYMag, Gear Patrol, Forbes, WSJ, Fortune, Food & Wine, Epicurious, People, AD, NY Post, and more

Today, we have three major announcements:

  1. Get up to 30% off all our products for BerserkerDay15. The more you spend, the more you will save. Discounts applied automatically in cart. LINK


  1. We have a full line of cocktail and more durable glasses available under our GV Home line. This line is a more durable collection of handblown glasses. This is the first year they are available at BD prices. LINK
  2. We are launching our “The Levenberg” glass and “The Fu” and “The Kane” glasses are back by popular demand! The Levenberg glass was designed by Keith Levenberg. The Fu glass was designed by Charlie Fu, and The Kane by John Kane who each won this right on the BD auctions last year. We are running the same auction again this year. As of Jan 26 morning, there’s only ~40 2pks of each. Once it is gone, it is gone. LINK

Glasvin Offers [LINK]

Depending on how much you spend, you will get [ended] off. Below is a table to help you understand the price per stem of all of our products after discounts.


Discounts applied automatically in cart

Example per stem prices at various discount levels


Free shipping above US$199+. Otherwise US$9. We ship globally.

Most Items Ship Immediately. Shipping estimates provided on product pages of our most popular products. Shipments without estimates will arrive in around 7 business days. We expect certain items to sell out. When this happens, pre-order estimates provided on our site - and will ship mid Feb.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We take great pride in offering the best customer service in the industry.

New Product - The Levenberg [LINK]

The Levenberg [Product Launch] - Link
430mL. 9.0cm x 19.0cm. Designed by Keith Levenberg.

BD Exclusive - Fu / Kane [LINK]

The Fu [Product Launch] - Link
720mL. 13.0cm x 22.8cm. Designed by Charlie Fu.

The Kane [Product Launch] - Link
580mL. 9.9cm x 22.8cm. Designed by John Kane.

Our Bestsellers [LINK]

Our classic “Glasvin” line is used in 150+ restaurants including 20 michelin starred restaurants. This is the line that has caught the wine industry by storm.

Our GV Home line [LINK]

We developed a more durable, less expensive line of handblown glassware, including a line of cocktail glasses. Our cocktail glasses are some of the most elegant cocktail glasses on the market. Our GV Home wine glasses are heavier than what you will be used to. If you like our “Glasvin” line, we suggest that you continue using that.

Shop Now [LINK]

Most of our “Glasvin” products now ship in this gorgeous packaging that features art from NYC artists! Our “GV Home” products are typically not in the same packaging. Our “BD exclusive” glasses ship in a blue box without foam.

@davidkong any chance the Kane base got an ass reduction for the re-release?

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Hi Jason - yes it has been reduced

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Here’s a look at the new Kane glass

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Excellent! In for a case!

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Excited to upgrade my non-wine glasses! In for the Rocks, Collins, Nick & Nora and Coupe.

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In for the cocktails glasses, have plenty of the others! Thanks David.

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In for 4 Prestige and 2 Obsession. Will definitely have to reorganize my wine glass shelving upon arrival. Really looking at that Kane, however my Zalto Universal’s look quite complementary?

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The Kane is like a mash-up (in the best way) of the Zalto and Gabriel Glas. Takes the top of the GGG, and the capacity of the Zalto.


David, do you think the Levenberg will work as a beer tulip? Can it comfortably hold a 330ML bottle of Belgian Ale? Other option I see is The Bistro from the GV Home line, but I like the flared lip on the Levenberg. Thanks in advance.

I believe this was the intention, I’ll let Keith weigh in himself.

In the interest of WB Day I opened up a Gueuze and this is what it looks like

I think it looks great, but I will say that given the glass is so light, this kind of diminishes the value of the glass by filling it up so much. I would recommend you pour it in over time


Oh man, that looks awesome! I’ll put in my order now.

This is bistro glass

A lot of restaurants love this glass. It’s more versatile. Not exactly what I think of when I think of Gueuze

Double decanting a Gueuze?! Let us know how that works. :smiley:

Thanks for the pics and the quick response, David. Salut!

I think I’ll need it today

Picked up some GV Home glasses to try - Universal, Collins and the Coupes! It was tough not ordering any Rocks, but no space.

Thank you Paul, hope you enjoy

Love this stemware - picked up another decanter, 4 Prestige and 4 Expression glasses. Started following on Instagram to see all the “Glass Porn.”…Thanks for the excellent products and the great deal!

At some point, after my Zalto’s naturally dwindle due to guest breakage (BD16 or 17??), this is definitely the replacement direction!

@Keith_Levenberg have you tried your prototype? What are we to expect from it, aroma/taste-wise?