** Extended to Feb. 1st - Update - SchoneTal Cellars - Inflation Buster Deals for BD XV - For Berserker Buyers Only**

2023 marked our 10th harvest so in celebration and in honor of BD XV, we decided to roll back pricing to our first initial release price. (Someone messaged me and suggested I list what my suggested retail price is to demonstrate what a KILLER DEAL these wines are. Well, the wines sell for $40-$55 retail. The Black Label Series sells for $75+ retail and when I get down to 10 cases of the Black Label the price goes to $90. $65-$75 on the other vintages).

SchöneTal Cellars is a Teeny Tiny winery in Oregon, specializing in Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. Our family started producing boutique premier pinot noir in the Willamette Valley in 2014. Our fruit is sourced from vineyards that subscribe to sustainable farming practices, including such designations as salmon safe and live certified. For our pinot noir, we utilize varying degrees of whole cluster during primary fermentation with indigenous yeast and minimal intervention.

So enough with the chit chat. Here is our offer for BerserkerDay 15, $25/bottle plus $25 per 6-pack/$50 per case to help offset the cost of ground shipping in the lower 48 (unfortunately I can’t control pricing by Fed Ex or UPS and they won’t roll back pricing for me. I asked, so my apologizes). Purchases will ship in February/March depending on weather, some restrictions may apply. Minimum 6-bottle purchase.

Vintages Available - All Oregon Pinot Noir:

  • 2016 - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - Vinous 93 pts. **(40% Whole Cluster) 10-cases remaining to be sold
  • 2017 - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - Vinous 93 pts. **(80% Whole Cluster) One of my distributors is going to be po’d that I am selling this but it’s BD15, 10-cases left to be sold.
  • 2018 - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - Vinous 93 pts. **(60% Whole Cluster)
  • 2019 - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - JS 93 pts. **(15% Whole Cluster)
  • 2020 - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - For those that might ask - I am not blowing smoke with this one
  • 2017 Willamette Valley (67% Hirschy Vineyard/33% Meredith Mitchell Vineyard) - Vinous 93 pts. Update - ONLY 19 Bottles Remain of this fella.
  • 2018 - Willamette Valley (50% Hirschy Vineyard/50% Meredith Mitchell Vineyard) - JS 91 pts.
  • 2019 - Willamette Valley - JS 93 pts. (15% Whole Cluster)
  • 2020 - Willamette Valley (Hill Road Vineyard) - 777 Clone

Mix 6-packs or case are available, but you have to tell me what you want me to put in your box.

Black Label Series Offer - UPDATE - 2018 - ihre treuen Söhne is SOLD OUT - 2020 is still Available

  • For those wondering about our Black Label Series, which is a selection of our favorite barrels, is 100% whole cluster and of the Pommard Clone, this offer, unfortunately, is NOT an Inflation Buster Deal, but we’re offering the same pricing as BD XIV and I am just asking for a little help to offset shipping costs:

The offer is $50/bottle plus $25 per 6/pack to offset ground shipping costs in the lower 48 states or $50/case. (Minimum 6-Pack Purchase). Purchases will ship in February/March depending on weather, some restrictions may apply.

UPDATE - Black Label Series - ONLY 2020 Ülbricht Wählen Available :

  • 2020 - Ülbricht Wählen - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - (100% Whole Cluster)
  • 2018 - ihre treuen Söhne - Hirschy Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA - Vinous 94 pts. (100% Whole Cluster) - AND, IT"S GONE - Sorry

I wish I could offer all you Berserkers other vintages of the Black Label Series, but the 2016, 2017 and 2019 - They’re GONE! And if anyone has any of those prior vintages, Cheers!!

There were two ways to place your order: Reply to this thread or email David (schonetalcellars@icloud.com). Email is the preferred method of communication.

website: www.schonetalcellars.com
Instragram: @schonetalcellars
Facebook: @schonetalcellars
email: schonetalcellars@icloud.com

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Love these wines! David’s wines are killer, especially the black label wines. Don’t skip out on them!

Hi David - Welcome back to BerserkerDay!

I had a couple of questions.

  • Could you tell me how the 2019 Hirschy compares to the 2017 Hirschy? I see there’s a big difference in whole cluster, but wasn’t sure how much of a difference it made.

  • What vineyards / percentages were used in the 2019 Willamette Valley?

  • In general, what is the drinking window for the Hirschy and Willamette Valley wines?


The 2019 WV is 100% 777 Clone from the Hill Road Vineyard. Hill Road is located just north-west of McMinnville, touching the souther boundary of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Because of elevation requirements of the YC AVA, it does not qualify to be labelled under the AVA. Small vineyard, probably no more than 2.5 acres.

if you guys want to know what two fanbois think of Schonetal, look at CellarTracker for me and @Charlie_Carnes - we freakin’ LOVE these wines


Plus 1. These were my favorite out of 4 Pinot Noir Vendors last year I bought. Excellent…

Order in here. There are outstanding and were a great BD14 purchase. Easy choice to repeat and a favorite of everything I bought last year.

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Was attempting to stick with just Meat and Glass today :weary:, there is NO room in my cellar. Now this is right in my “small” Oregon Pinot strike zone!! The only question is regular or black (limited reviews on CT)??

All the wines are great, but the black labels are where the true SchoneTal magic is IMO

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Good day, friends. Sorry for the late response and thanks for the kind words. I am away traveling so my responses nay not be as quick as you wish. However, Patrick_Taylor, with regard to your questions, the 2019 vintage is 15% whole cluster. Depending on the growing season and about a week or two before harvest I start looking at and tasting the stems. At harvest, I make the determination on how much whole cluster I will use in the fermentation. Ideally, I would like to use, at least, 50% whole cluster, but, again, it depends on the maturity of the stems. The only exception is that I will also take a certain % of the harvest and will do a 100% whole cluster wine. Folks were surprised at my 2020 Black Label Series was 100% whole cluster given the year it was.

The difference between the 2019 Hirschy and 2017 Hirschy, one is the color. Using less whole cluster produces a darker color. The 2017 is obviously more mature and balance and has evolved into a very classic Oregon Pinot. The 2019, I am told just sings with richness (a good friend told me this following a visit at her french bistro in McMinnville).

Order in, emailed to David, mix of regular and black.

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Email order sent. Looking forward to trying these wines.

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You all should pony up and get these wines. Dave is a defender of the faith!

-the non-spoofilated faith in case you are wondering what that means…


Email sent.

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Ordered a mixed six pack! Looking forward to these!

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Email sent! We barrel tasted the 2020’s with David and didn’t get any smoke on them.


Can I get an “AMEN”? :rofl:

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Maybe church attendance would be higher if they served Oregon Pinot for communion.

Oh, and email sent.

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Got the email. Thank you.

In for a mixed 6 here too!

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