EXTENDED to 1/31! Finger Lakin' Good - BERSERK FOR RIESLING at Red Newt Cellars (and the other cool climate grapes we love!)

Hello, Everyone! It is such a pleasure to be back participating in BerserkerDay 14, still as your first and only Finger Lakes winery to be represented!

We had a riotously good time last year and were :exploding_head: with the attention and love we received. So we’ve come back bigger and better than ever with our offers, and have dialed them into what really resonated with you all last year :cheers:

And what resonated last year? The wines that gave you an opportunity to taste what our region can do in all its terroir diversity and cool climate glory. Wines that let you brag you knew about this boutique winery that Jancis Robinson named her “Rising Star” of the Riesling World and will be featuring in a Master of Wine Seminar this July. Just make sure to read through the offers to see which wine she selected, and how you can get it yourself!

Who are we to argue? We’re back with the offers that will give your cellar those bottles to elicit ‘ooos’ and ‘aaahs’ of intrigue for years to come!

Why the Finger Lakes? Cool, long growing seasons that are moderated by epic bodies of water allow us to make wines that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the US. There is a reason our German colleagues consider us the North American home of Riesling; we’re small in production, but mighty in impact. And the promise of the wines here is what drew me back home after graduating from Harvard and thinking I would never live outside a city again (whoops). This is your favorite Somm’s favorite secret wine region :flirtysmile:

Why Red Newt Cellars? Because we’re a passionate and small team that has been joyfully producing single vineyard Riesling and Cabernet Franc from the Seneca Lake AVA since 1998. Pushing the envelope with spontaneous fermentations, lees contact, cold soaking, and basket pressing; Red Newt’s wines are designed to open up in bottle for years to come. Classic, elegant, world class wines await you.

So, what’s the deal for ordering? Glad you asked! We’ve put together some killer packages below, with unheard of pricing. But it is cold up here during the winter, so we’re going to wait to ship until early March to make sure everyone’s wine can transit safely.

Don’t worry, we have two more offers in honor of this being Berserker Day 14!

  1. Use code ‘BD14’ for $20 Flat Rate shipping on all shipments of 6 bottles or more!
  2. Every 14th order will receive a free gift card in their package!

So read through our offers below, and then (for most of you) head to this link to purchase!

Or, if you are shipping to AZ, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, LA, ME, MO, ND, NE, OK, SC, TN, VT, WV, and WY, click here instead!

1. Finger Lakes 101 for $101

Taste the cool climate :rainbow: with 1 bottle each of our 6 benchmark grapes and styles! The Finger Lakes has an amazing array of soil types and microclimates, this package celebrates them all:

  • 2018 Dry Riesling - Our benchmark, and the new vintage of the wine that Jancis Robinson chose to premiere her own wine glasses with. 93 points from James Suckling
  • 2019 Pinot Gris - This is not for the faint of heart, overnight cold soaking results in a bronze, rich, textured expression. 92 points from James Suckling
  • 2019 Gewürztraminer - From the same monopole single vineyard as the Pinot Gris - and the same vintage! - this wine is one of our best kept secrets. A dry and opulent style for food or contemplation, this isn’t a perfume box. 93 points from James Suckling
  • 2020 Grüner Veltliner - A new grape to the region, but one that works wonderfully. Classic white pepper aromatics, rich texture from spontaneous fermentation in neutral barrels, this wine is perfect year round.
  • 2016 “Kelby James Russell” Dry Riesling - The first time I’ve released one of my wines for BD! This is a ripping dry Riesling that is made as an homage to the Australian Rieslings I also love, then given years in bottle to come into its own before release.
  • 2020 “Kelby James Russell” Cabernet Franc - The only way to get this wine unless you live in :norway:, where the Norwegian monopoly bought the entire vintage except for these last few cases. Bramble fruit, crunchy minerality, the closest you can come to Cru Beaujolais you can find this side of Lyon.

Normally $124, we’re offering up this FLX 101 seminar for $81… or $101 total when you use code BD14 for our flat rate special!

2. Finger Lakes Grand Crus - 4 vineyards, 3 vintages:

The surprise :boom: from last year, our very top offering! If you want to try the best of the best while learning about the Finger Lakes, you cannot do better than these verticals. We’ve switched up the vintages so you will get 1 bottle each of the 2018, 2019, and 2020 of our four top vineyards, this is a remarkable set of wines that invites exploration of sites, verticals, or horizontals as you see fit. And, to make it even more special for BD14, these wines are nearly all pre-release exclusives for this day only :grimacing:

  • The Knoll Riesling - Our top vineyard site, both in terms of prestige and elevation. This is a dry Riesling of particular texture, power, and salinity that appears in conferences around the world. Only the 2018 has been reviewed thus far (96 points from James Suckling), but this wine consistently lives at the very top for reviewed points.
  • Tango Oaks Vineyard Riesling - A rare planting of Alsatian clone Riesling on a rare site that features 20 feet of gravel, this dry Riesling features complex aromas of Thai Basil and White Peach year in and year out. Slightly more friendly than ‘The Knoll’, but no less serious.
  • Lahoma Vineyard Riesling - From the slopes around ‘The Knoll’ we make a reserve caliber Kabinett Riesling every vintage that is as explosive in its fruit aromatics as it is ripping in its acidity. This is a wine that demands aging, a la some of our favorites from the Mosel; the current release is 2014 for a reason.
  • Glacier Ridge Vineyard Cabernet Franc - The greatest red vineyard site in the Finger Lakes, a steep slope that dives into Seneca Lake on its Southeast side. This slope and exposure result in a set of climatic conditions that result in a sub-region colloquially known as the ‘Banana Belt’ for the fantastic ripeness it delivers in a cool climate. With shale bedrock only 8" under the surface, Glacier Ridge takes this to the extreme and produces a Cabernet Franc of structure, savoriness, and smoke. This isn’t the Loire, it is old-school Bordeaux. And, much like our Rieslings, bottle age is its friend (we’re drinking the 2012 at the winery these days).

This full case for $255! Other than for BD14, it would be $450 even if you could find the wines!

3. A Trio of Tempting Tasting Sets:

One thing we learned from all of you last year is that you :purple_heart: a nerdy set of wines that lets you dig into a topic. You are our people! :nerd_face: :wine_glass:

So we’ve put together three spectacular six packs, each one based around a theme close to our hearts…

…and each one is flat priced at $120!

  • Rieslings from Dry to Lush: If you thought “Riesling” when you saw “Finger Lakes” - this is the six pack for you! Six of our very best examples of what this amazing grape can do in our terroir, running from bone dry right through spätlese, we can think of no better argument for how diverse and beautiful Finger Lakes Riesling is. While there are gems in here of such small production we’ve never even sent them out, the 2017 Knoll is notable as the wine that will be featured by Jancis Robinson at her Riesling Master of Wine Seminar this July. But these six wines, particularly their age and 2x2x2 vintage companions, are a masterclass all their own.

    • 2013 Reserve Riesling - A multi-vineyard blend to make the best Dry Riesling we possibly could, a Finger Lakes classic.
    • 2013 Lahoma Vineyards Riesling - Killer Kabinett juice.
    • 2014 Bullhorn Creek Vineyard Riesling - A vineyard that has since been ripped out for being too high elevation and marginal, but when it hit it delivered a spicy dry Riesling like no other.
    • 2014 Sawmill Creek Vineyard “North Block” Riesling - One of my favorite spätlese that I’ve ever made.
    • 2017 Tango Oaks Vineyard Riesling - Now our 1-B wine overall, this is just about as good as Dry Riesling gets in the Finger Lakes…
    • 2017 The Knoll Riesling - …except for The Knoll. Our Grand Champion, it’s taken us across the world.
  • Glorious Gewürz: Gewürztraminer lovers rejoice! You know who you are if this is for you, and we’re so happy we can provide perfectly aged, single vineyard bottlings of our very best Gewürztraminers. And as a special treat, we’re throwing in a bottle of “Essence” - the pure juice of Gewürztraminer fortified right after pressing to lock in how delicious this grape is. This may be the biggest :unicorn: package of them all - where else are you finding multiple ~10 year old single vineyard Gewürzs, let alone for $20/bottle??

    • 2012 Curry Creek Vineyard Gewürztraminer
    • 2012 Sawmill Creek Vineyards Gewürztraminer
    • 2013 Curry Creek Vineyard Gewürztraminer
    • 2013 Sawmill Creek Vineyards Gewürztraminer
    • 2014 Curry Creek Vineyard Gewürztraminer
    • 2013 Gewürztraminer ‘Essence’
  • The Dark Side: Don’t worry, we haven’t taken a heel turn! This instead features six different grapes from what is generally considered the best red vineyard site in the Finger Lakes; Glacier Ridge Vineyard. Mentioned above in connection to our Grand Cru Cabernet Franc site, in this package you can taste the thread of this vineyard across all the grapes we work with from it.

    • 2019 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Riesling - Our newest Riesling bottling, this dry and savory style is already raising eyebrows.
    • 2016 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Pinot Gris - Rich and wonderfully French oak aged.
    • 2020 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir - Not for the faint of heart, Glacier always produces a dense and tannic Pinot Noir that rewards aging or decanting.
    • 2019 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Syrah - Yes, Virginia, there is cold climate syrah! :santa:
    • 2015 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Cabernet Franc - What can we say? The red grape of the region reaches its pinnacle.
    • 2012 Glacier Ridge Vineyard Merlot - You’d have to be a fool to plant Merlot in the Finger Lakes, but sometimes fortune favors the bold, and all of you get to benefit. This is our current release from an epic vintage, and it is singing.

4. Ice Wine Bonanza:

It’s time for the sweet finish! From our Tango Oaks Single Vineyard site, this Ice Wine was picked on an extraordinarily early cold snap that gave us the correct conditions for ice wine on November 13th of that year. There is a German belief that the best Ice Wines come from freak cold events that are closest to the regular harvest, and certainly the freshness and ripping acidity of this wine are an altogether different style than the syrupy Canadian style. We love both styles, but for BD14 we’re featuring this wine for the ages, bottled in specially ordered 375ml Stelvin-Closure German Hock bottles for cellaring.

$200 for 3x 2019 Tango Oaks Vineyard Riesling Ice Wine (375ml) bottles - normally $300!

96 points James Suckling, 94 points Wine Enthusiast

Something piqued your interest? Head to this link to purchase!

(For AZ, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, LA, ME, MO, ND, NE, OK, SC, TN, VT, WV, and WY, click here instead!)

And don’t forget code ‘BD14’ for $20 flat rate shipping on orders of 6+ bottles!

Shipping Disclaimer:

Please note that we are going to wait to ship all packages until early March when the threat of excessively cold weather in transit abates!

Thank you so much for your time and giving us a shot!

Fan of Red Newt? Purchasing one of our specials? Have questions? Let us know below, we love to hear from you!

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The links are not working for me, I’m just getting directed to the Monopole Cru offer.


I am having the same issue with the links. It is sending me to the MC offer only.

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Well we weren’t meant to be selling on the preview day… but due to popular demand we’ve upgraded and now all those links should be just fine for you!

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Thanks for helping convince us to get things straightened out and join the cool kids who can sell early - links are now all active (and we’re in compliance so we don’t upset the BD14 gods)!

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Order in! May have overdone it slightly with the 101 6 pack, Riesling 6 pack, and the full case offer. I’ll pretend like I have room for this. :grimacing:

Thank you thank you! Well the nice thing is that quite a few of those wines are just dying to be consumed, so that alleviates some pressure on your cellar? Although most of what is in that full case offer really will age beautifully for years to come… :thinking:

Or you can always pull my favorite party trick and crash decant a Riesling :wink:

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Looking forward to more of your awesome Riesling! Quick question on shipping prices… is it $20 per case or $20 total? When I add the case plus the MC special then site charges two $20 fees. Thanks!

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Our shipping manager just noticed that as well - it will be $20 total! If it shows a double $20 fee, we’ll fix it on the back-end before the charge actually goes through :slight_smile:

Love these wines… So glad to be able to restock again!

I meant to ask - any of the Rieslings in particular from the past that stuck out? It’s also fine if you’ve just enjoyed our handling of the grape in general - but I’m always curious what people remember even long after the bottle is gone!

Thank you!! We tried to keep it a mix of the classics that folks would expect, but also some new wines and packages to mix things up.

Anything available to add on singles of some of the other wines with similar discounts?


Ordered the FLX 101, looking forward to trying them!

In for Reisling and Gewurztraminer 6 packs!

Great offer.
If somebody asked me what I like most about Berserker Day, I would say it’s the opportunity to try things that are new to me. This fits that very well. Excited to get some FL Riesling out here in NorCal.

It’s a fun set that shows off the breadth of what can be done here! Sometimes to the frustration of marketing folks who want a simple narrative, but for the wine geeks in us it is perfect :cheers:


You can add on singles to the packages, and if you hit a full case those extra wines will get 15% off automatically :slight_smile: Not quite as targeted as the packages, but a good thing for me to remember to point out!


Picked up the Grand Cru and Dark Side, woo hoo! I visited FLX last year, enjoyed many tastings, but missed you - next time for sure! Love me some Aussie Riesling as well (lived there a few years)! Cheers, Scott

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Thank you! And perfectly appropriate for Australia Day as well! We’re making Barossa-style schnitzels and have a bottle of Henschke chilling to celebrate here tonight! :australia: :boomerang: