Extended thru Fri, 2/1 - tercero wines BD10 Offers - Including My 2018 Mourvedre Rose!

tercero wines is proud to take part in BD10 and to support this site and its members. I really do strive to be an active part of this board and love the give and take of it - I’ve hopefully brought some knowledge and insight into the winemaking side and have learned tons from all of you!

I started my brand in 2006, a year after starting at Fess Parker Winery after having graduated from UC Davis with a MS in Viticulture and Enology. That was after I had already worked in both the music and publishing fields, and ‘challenged’ myself to go back to school and take science, something I loathed as an undergrad, head on.

I’ve put together a few packages that I hope give you a great overview of tercero and what I strive for - transparency in winemaking. My belief is that my ‘handprint’ on the final product should be as minimal as possible and that the grapes and process should stand front and center.

BONUS - everyone one who orders and mentions that you ordered as part of this thread will be entered into a raffle to win a Magnum of my 2017 Mourvedre Rose! I will give away 4 of these in total - at 4 different times during the day. The first one will only be for those taking part in the Grand Cru day and the other 3 on Sunday. The earlier you order, the greater the chances of getting one of these rare magnums! Remember - you’ll need to order AND need to mention that in this thread as the day goes on!

Here goes:

Some Like it Low
I don’t claim to be any specific kind of winemaker, but I have managed to produce a number of red wines (and my rose, of course) in the past few years that are under 13% alcohol, with a few being under 12%. Limited to 24 6 packs. And please note that I will take off the 1/2 shipping charges on my end - it’s just easier doing it that way for me [cheers.gif]

2015 Cinsault (very limited) (100% whole cluster, 10 months in older FR oak)
2016 Cinsaut (100% whole cluster, 10 months in older FR oak)
2016 Carignane (100% whole cluster, 10 months in older FR oak)
2016 aberration (100% Cab Franc, 100% whole cluster, aged in 100% stainless steel)
2017 aberration (40% Grenache/40% Cinsault/20% Carignane, 100% whoie cluster, aged in 100% stainless steel)
2017 Mourvedre Rose (100% Mourvedre, foot stomped and 1 hour skin contact)


$150 plus 1/2 off shipping charges (+ CA sales tax where applicable) (>25% discount)

Whites Six Pack
Many folks compliment me on my whites, with a common comment that ‘I like these and I don’t usually like whites’ . . .

2014 Verbiage Blanc (64% roussanne, 24% viognier, 12% grenache blanc)
2014 Grenache Blanc
2014 Roussanne
2014 Viognier
2013 Roussanne
2013 Viognier


$135 plus 1/2 off shipping charges (+ CA sales tax where applicable) (25% discount) And please note that I will take off the 1/2 shipping charges on my end - it’s just easier doing it that way for me [cheers.gif]

Mourvedre Rose Packs

This has been my best selling BD offer in previous years, and I see no reason why this year would be any different :slight_smile: My 2018 Mourvedre Rose will be bottled up in less than two weeks, over a month earlier than I ever have in the past, and based on comments from taking a tank sample out last week, I can tell you that you will NOT be disappointed if you purchase it! I made less of the 2018 than I did the 2017 so I do expect it to go pretty quickly. Please note that these packages will not ship prior to March 1, 2019.

2018 Rose 6 Pack
6 bottles, discounted shipping, $150 all in


2018 Rose 12 pack
12 bottles, $5 shipping, $275 all in


2017/2018 Rose Sampler
6 bottles 2018, 6 bottles 2017, $5 shipping, $270 all in


2017/2018 Rose Sampler
3 bottles 2018, 3 bottles 2017, discounted shipping $150 all in


Thanks once again for taking a look at these and let’s get rolling - and ordering!


Where is the link to order?

Working on it - so sorry! My website is having some minor issues but I’m trying to overcome them. Update you shortly . . .

In for a 2017/2018 Rose Sampler…once I figure out how to order!

We went through at least two cases of this Rose’ last year, mixture of the 2016 and 2017

Links should be working - please try and let me know. And thanks all for your patience!!!

Ordering a 17/18 rose mixed case and it seems to be coming up with $25 shipping. Do I need a coupon code or am I doing something wrong? Thx.

I’m in and sure do Like it Low. Picked up some Rose’, too! I was kicking myself for not ordering Tercero last year. Link works fine. Thanks, Larry!

Rose 6-pack! We throw a Rose All Day party every May, and I’m excited to include these!

In for a 2017/2018 Rose Sampler! Had trouble with the link on my work computer (darn filters), but the link worked fine on my phone. champagne.gif

Case order in, bring on the magnum

Thanks thus far, folks - I truly and honestly appreciate it!

I will be taking care of all shipping charges on my end - please don’t fret! It’s just easier doing it this way as I can’t seem to find any other way to do so.

Let me know if you have any further questions about the packages or about any of the wines themselves - more than happy to add some verbiage to the conversation.


In for a sixer of your whites. Thanks again for your gracious hospitality this past fall, Larry.

Order placed for a 6 pack of the white…but might go back for the rose before tomorrow ends!

Just bought my club Larry’s Choice case so in for the 17/18 Rose case.

I got the mixed case of Rose. We really enjoyed this last year.

Thanks thus far, all, and you’re all in the running for the free Mag of 2017 Mourvedre Rose! As stated in the post, I’ll be giving away one of these today and 3 more tomorrow - and you’re in the running for all 4 of these at this time!

Mark, I knew this would be an ‘issue’ and I do apologize - but thank you for the support on this offer as well!!!


And remember folks, if you want to be in the running for the free Mags, you need to post here . . .


I’m in for a 6-pack. I enjoyed the magnums I purchased last year and look forward to 2018 Rose! Thanks, Larry for everything you do.

Larry - bought the white sampler but didn’t see a way to mention that we bought from this thread to get into the raffle.