EXTENDED through 2/4/18!! The Wine Cellarage - A Bigly Smattering of Goodies

Dear Berserkers,

Apologies for the delay but here it is!

We put a little bit of a lot together for your drinking pleasure. Burgs, Bords, Champs, Barbs, oh my! Many of these are available in very limited quantities so please act quickly.

To sweeten the deal, please use code 10Bers at check-out to get an additional 10% off many many great prices.

For shipping information, please email orders@winecellarage.com to discuss options. We regret we cannot ship to UT, KY & MS

Finally, drop a quick “From BDIX” in the comments before finalizing your orders so that we know how we’re doing.



Part 2 offers a limited selection of some nice older vintages of mostly Bordeaux and Burgs that we currently have in our warehouse. Enjoy!


champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif

How about some non-US wines? Everybody else is doing US.

Everybody else?





Seems like not ‘everybody’…

Isn’t Jorge a mod? Doesn’t he know the rules?!?!?!?

I say - BAN HIM!!! :slight_smile:


is there an offer yet on preview day?

Sorry Mark. Working on it and hope to have it up in a couple of hours.

i’d like some 15 gonon st joseph or 15 jamet cote rotie please

I agree. $15 seems like a good price point for you to offer each of those at.


In for a case each at that price, thanks Jorge.

A case for $15? Perfect!

It’s not like he does not know what day it is

Todd hired him for his looks.

and his jawline

If only the offer was being made by someone who uses WB a lot, and can get their @#$* together… u know… like a moderator or something…

We should let Jorge preview on 1/25 next year… so by 1/26 we might actually see an offer.

And his pants

Ok you whiners…offer is up and running!

Plenty of non-US wines for Ken V!

Some fun stuff!!! Thanks much… champagne.gif