EXTENDED The Wine Check - 20% discount AND freebie AND raffle!!!


This is the biggest discount/deal we’ve offered on BerserkerDay, so help us hit our sales goal after the fires - we’re doing our best to make it worth your while!

We’re taking the Berserkers’ favorite Wine Check (the black with mini logo - the one we sell probably 20-1 to this crew, sold only without shipper box for this offer), discounting it by 20% ( $16 value)…

THEN throwing in a FREE Elite Stemware Case ($36 value)…and that’s not all…

This year we’re going to raffle off a Durand® to one lucky winner who purchases from this offer on BDIX! That’s a $125 value!

So, recapping: 20% off the black mini-logo Wine Check (only good on the black Wine Check WITHOUT shipper box, so we can fit the freebie in there), FREE Elite Stemware Case, and one lucky winner will be drawn to win a Durand®. Use code BDIX on our website, HERE

Pretty efficient Todd and Shawnda. I already have a shipping confirmation!!!

I know the orders will stack up tomorrow, so I wanted to clear these out right away, and I finally have a few minutes to play around

I have a couple of people lined up for these tomorrow (Not WB members yet)! Can’t wait.

This is the best offer we’ve had, so they are coming around at the right time.

We own 6 wine checks and use them for flying wine samples to/from the west coast on our flights. They’re great and really durable. Great price for a great product - highly recommend.

I’m in, a repeat BD purchase because I WORE OUT MY FIRST because I use it so much. Thanks for a great, very reliable product that has been invaluable!


I try not have favorite customers, but… <3

Tempting offer, but I’ve already got one. Now I need an Elite and was hoping to see a discount on that … Oh well, maybe next year.

I’ve been waiting for this! Ordered!


Thanks Todd. Need one of these Badly no that I discovered I can boot leg wine to Utah via Southwest airlines with little effort.

Awesome Offer… I’m feeling lucky.

Not sure it’s boottlegging when it’s legal to bring your own wine for personal consumption into Utah [cheers.gif]

Had to order another! Thanks for the great offer.

done. 5 years late to the party. Finally [winner.gif]

Shameful. Don’t admit that in public…on a wine forum…

Do we put both items in the cart? Or do you automatically add the stemware case when we use the BDIX code?

Just the Wine Check - the stemware case is a freebie we include on any orders that have the promo code in them

Thanks and purchased!