EXTENDED!! Riverain Inaugural Release! Get some TRB Cab and Syrah!

Just in case you did not spend enough yesterday, we are rolling the 15% discount and free shipping until Sunday. Thanks to all of those who bought!

Super happy to post an offer here as this Board has been an inspiration and a great source of knowledge, along with me being lucky enough to meet some terrific people!

See below for some details and you can always visit the website at http://www.riverainvineyards.com Yields were brutal in 2011. Thomas cut off 50% of our Cabernet crop at the end of August, but that allowed what was left to hang all the way until November 3 and properly ripen.

We would like to offer everyone a 15% discount on both wines, plus free ground shipping. Only small requirement is a three bottle minimum, but mix and match is fine. The Cabernet is normally $90, discounted to $76.50, while the Syrah is normally $45, discounted to $38.25, plus the free shipping. The promo code is up and working as of Monday morning.

Please go to http://www.riverainwines.com/mailinglist, sign up and when you receive your password to order please use the promo code superbowl and the discount and free shipping will kick in. Naturally, the offer will be open until Superbowl Sunday!

Thanks for your interest.

Steve Nordhoff
Proprietor, Riverain Vineyards

We are happy to announce the release of our 2011 Cabernet from the Tench vineyard in Oakville, along with our 2011 Syrah from the Cardiac Hill vineyard in Bennett Valley.
Rigorous farming left us with very low yields in 2011, but very fine quality. Our winemaker, Thomas Brown, noted the following on the wines:
From the Tench Vineyard in eastern Oakville (bordering Screaming Eagle & Rudd), the 2011 Riverain Cabernet is a classic expression of the vintage and vineyard.
2011 was a challenging year that required attention to the weather, the farming and everything in-between. Only the best sites in the best locations were able to shine under such conditions and we are extremely proud of the effort and wine we have made.
Long and cool, as one would expect, there is a site reflective balance and acidity that is common to this part of Oakville. The acidity, which frames the black and lifted red fruit notes through the mid-palate, provides a tremendous length that gives the perception of a limitless finish. In its youth, a healthy decant will be required to coax this wine out of its early reticence, however those with some patience will find themselves duly rewarded over the next 8-10+ years.
147 cases
14.1% alcohol

In 2011, the growing season was unseasonably cool, but fastidious farming and diligent sorting allowed us to produce a dense wine, with a deep violet purple color. We included 28% whole cluster for aromatic complexity. The wine was aged 15 months in one year and older French Oak barrels.
There is some youthful reticence upon opening and an hour or two in a decanter really allows the bouquet and flavors to develop.
140 cases
12.8% alcohol

Basically it appears Berserkers are able to get Steve’s brand new wines prior to inaugural release. I’ve had the cab, and posted about it here a couple months back.


Any link?

Thanks Rebecca!



Here is Todd’s previous post.


I am in, although it might be after work, so save a few for me Steve!

I was fortunate to have a taste of the syrah at Falltacular last year, and it was outstanding! The winemaker is Thomas Rivers Brown and the vineyard is Jim Mack’s Cardiac Hill. Even a sketchy sorting crew couldn’t screw this up!

I was on that sorting crew. It was a bit sketchy! (but very thorough).


Any options for shipping to MD?



I’m in. I signed up a few weeks ago and look forward to getting my password tomorrow to log in. Thanks to Frank Murray for telling me about Riverain over on cellartracker. I’m not sure I would have ventured into this thread if he hadn’t told me about it.

…which is why I used the term “sketchy”, you and FMIII’s grubby paws on the grapes.


I did sort that syrah fruit, I have a photo of that up on my wall at home. Below is the note on the Cab, since I had that one recently. I last tasted the syrah a year ago and so in the interest of staying contemporary, I ommitted that one here. Not because I didn’t like the syrah (i did) but rather it’s been a year since I tasted it and I don’t think it’s fair to jam up a note in this context that isn’t contemporary.

  • 2011 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon Tench Vinerard - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville (12/23/2013)
    Tasted from magnum. Was tasting this next to Ryan Curry, who knows TRB’s wines quite well and I have to agree with his comment that this had some Rivers-Marie aromatics in it, like the pine needle and orange peel of what comes through the RM pinots. There is a lot of spicy cherry in this wine, acid running through it. Imagine, acid in Cabernet? The fruit has mostly red tones with a little bit of a blue edge and then into the finish, the same spicy cherry, some vanilla, finishing with a bit of tang. This will appeal to those who seek Cab that runs outside some of the hype and Big Flavor elements, to borrow the Jon Bonne term. Good job to Thomas and Steve on the wine.

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I will check, although I know it is difficult.

Thanks for your interest.



If not no biggie, I will just make alternate arrangements. Just thought I would check first.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the interest. I sent you a PM.


Wow, that was the one of the fastest and smoothest wine purchase I’ve ever made. Impressive for a first release.

Thanks for the offer Steve!

Sorting table kidding aside, I’m looking forward to my first bottle.


We can arrange it through a third party shipper such as Stagecoach. Hope that helps.



Thanks for looking into the shipping.

I went ahead and placed my order and had it shipped to a family member’s office in Virginia. Just wanted to keep it simple.

Looking forward to trying the wines.


Thank you Brian!