EXTENDED ALL WEEKEND BELHARRA WINES $99 3-packs with Free Shipping on Pinot, Syrah and Chard, PLUS Rosé

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Library Sampler 3-pack $99 ($118 value) with free-shipping
1x 2016 Belharra Las Madres Syrah
1x 2019 Belharra Alder Springs Pinot Noir
1x 2021 Belharra Napa Carneros Chardonnay

Berserker Sampler 3-pack $99 ($110 value) with free-shipping
1x 2019 Belharra Las Madres Syrah
1x 2021 Belharra Alder Springs Pinot Noir
1x 2022 Belharra Las Madres Rosé of Syrah

PLUS Limited quantity remaining!
$175/12-pack case ($300 value) with free shipping
2022 Belharra Las Madres Rosé of Syrah

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Tasting Notes

2016 Belharra Las Madres Vineyard Syrah
Dark purple upon the pour, this brooding Syrah is elegant but approachable. The classic Las Madres nose of dusty violets is augmented by a lively incense and perfumed fruit. A core of structured olive and red drupe last throughout the pallet and into a long finish. Savory spice is wrapped in a softened mouthfeel throughout the experience.
139 cases produced, 14.5% Alcohol
Fermented in open-top fermenters, aged 18 months in 20% new French oak barrels, no fining or filtering.

2019 Belharra Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir
Rich, spicy and savory, our second vintage of fruit from this storied Mendocino vineyard oozes black cherry liquor with a touch of pine. From first smell through the pallet, dark red fruits give structure to a wine with a step-up in weight. Our mountain source grants a touch of minerality to the finish.
155 cases produced, 13.5% Alcohol
Fermented in open-top fermenters, aged 11 months in 25% New French oak, no fining or filtering.

2021 Belharra Napa Carneros Chardonnay
Fresh Meyer lemon blossom with a punch of Gardenia and almond blossom on the nose. A liveliness and brightness across the pallet, the electric acidity is balanced with a full lemon-curd body and associated whipped cream mouthfeel. With a lasting finish of minerality, this wine shows something for everyone who enjoys Chardonnay.
56 cases produced 13.4% Alcohol
Barrel fermented, 35% used French oak, aged 11 months, fined and filtered


2019 Belharra Las Madres Vineyard Syrah
A concentrated, deep Syrah. Cassis, licorice and black current on the nose with notes of cacao nib and bacon fat beguile an elegant mouthfeel. Bold to start, the lingering acidity in the mid-pallet pulls the wine through, structured but not tannic. Spice and pepper lacquer the finish.
134 cases produced 13.9% Alcohol
Fermented in open-top fermenters, aged 18 months in 20% new French oak barrels, no fining or filtering.

2021 Belharra Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir
Ripe black cherry and fresh “Fraise-du-bois”, forest strawberry clearly mark the entry of our 3rd edition of mountain pinot from Mendocino. Balanced tannins define an easy-drinking pinot on the lighter end of the range. Mossy without the funk, the rainy-fresh pine needles that serve the mid-pallet flow into a hazelnut and raspberry finish. A touch of oak frames the smooth texture.
155 cases produced, 13.5% Alcohol
Fermented in open-top fermenters, aged 11 months in 25% New French oak, no fining or filtering

2022 Belharra Las Madres Rosé of Syrah
Another vintage, another classic Las Madres Rosé. Peach and watermelon on the nose, a first pour will often feature a slight bubblegum note. Clear focus on the pallet features citrus zest and dried flowers carried by the brightness of our direct-press rosé. Finish is a mouthwatering mix of minerality and lingering texture.
68 cases produced, 13.5% Alcohol
100% SS ferment and cellaring, aged 4 months, fined and filtered

About Us
Our first vintage was 2013 making Las Madres Syrah. From 50 cases, we’ve put every dime back into the label to expand varietals and vineyards, always with a focus on quality and value to consumers. With two full-time Napa production jobs and a 3.5 year-old, our personal project often takes a back-seat, but it is truly one of the most rewarding projects we’ve worked on.

Belharra is the name of a legendary surf spot located on the Basque coast off Socoa, France, where storm tides hit an underwater outcropping and cause a rare wave of immense power. Such forces, after a vast journey, create a diverse natural beauty. Our philosophy mirrors the riders of these waves: patiently waiting for opportunities, understanding the contours of each current and practicing the craft with vigilance.

Anne Fogerty is the associate winemaker at Caterwaul Wines with most of her career spent at Outpost and Rivers-Marie. Hard work, community, and sharing an infectious smile were the mainstays of a first job at the age of 13 behind the counter of a neighborhood hardware store in Minnesota. Employment in the vineyards led to a job in the winery, and the opportunity for more learning and even longer days. Caught up in the promise of adventure and travel in wine production, Anne followed harvests around the world after college, always landing back in northern California among family and friends. She enjoys the sunshine here year-round, while building towards her professional and personal goals.

Camille Gaio is the director of winemaking for Fayard Wines. Raised in the French Alps, Camille graduated as a sommelier and worked across France before shifting her attention to an education in wine science and viticulture at the University of Bordeaux while working for a premium Chateau. Camille turned a love of the alpine slopes into a love of the ocean swell while on the Western coast of France, and followed the waves and vines to dynamic international vintages in California, Australia, and New Zealand. She is now continuing her growth in Napa Valley, always with an eye on the tide.

Oblig-kid-in-vineyard pic (handed down blunnies from the Stellareese cellar crew)

The Rose of Syrah was my find of last year… So good we bought three cases :slight_smile: Buy with confidence.


Love Rose made from syrah, in for the case special, tx.

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Fantastic offering from Belharra. These wines are delicious and the ladies behind the wine are awesome.

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These wines are amazing as are the people who make them. Highly highly recommend. We’re partial to the Pinot and the Rose, but can’t wait to try the Chardonnay!

Thank you all for the support, we’re excited to share these wines with you.

This is a new name for me. I just ordered a case of the rosé. Looking forward to trying it.

Really good juice. Do not hesitate.
Also, really good people.
Rosé season isn’t that far away!

I always take a flier on a new to me producer on BD, and am a sucker for rose, and so here I am with my credit card on fire. Can’t wait to try it!

We really appreciate the folks trying us out for the first time. We are winemakers and wine buyers so QPR is critical for us. I was once advised by a mentor to price your wine based on how hard you want to work to sell it. We want to overdeliver and be a no-brainer.

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Easy folks to support! Love these wines. Congratulations @Anne_Fogerty & have fun today! :grapes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Loved the syrah sampler from a prior BD - in for the rosé this time.

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Thanks Erin, hi to you and the boys!

In for 1 of each. Anne and Camille are great winemakers and even better humans! Can’t wait for the wine!

These wines are excellent (as are the folks making them). 2018 Syrah two days ago was drinking perfectly.

Thanks Steve, 2018 was a great vintage for Las Madres.

Thanks for all the support, especially those giving us a shot for the first time.
We’re going to extend this sale through the weekend. Rosé stock is limited!

I was thrilled to receive our case of rosé this week. Trying it right now, and Anne’s note is spot-on. Juicy white peach and floral notes, super acidity. This case is destined for the Spring/Summer table for sure, and won’t last very long. Those who ordered it will be quite happy, I’m sure.

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Got my case of rose a couple weeks ago and already have gone through 2 bottles. Super happy I took the flyer on this new to me producer. This case isn’t even making it past Spring!

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