Explosive Growth in Pinot Noir Shipments - up 94% since 2009

From ShipCompliant:

Since we started this report, we have not seen a varietal command such significant and ever-increasing demand. The excitement for this varietal continues to grow across regions.


I guess I’m in the right business, for once.

Meanwhile, syrah . . .

So the Central Valley is good for something after all!

I knew I only liked the good stuff!

Fascinating data in the downloadable report. Oregon direct shipments are growing rapidly, outpacing California. And no surprise, it is pinot that is the growth segment in Oregon. I wonder if it’s evidence that AFWE buyers are taking over the world?

[scratch.gif] Not for the commerce tracked in this report.

Even tongue in cheek…it’s NEVER going to happen. The bulk of Pinot (Oregon and otherwise) is not and will not be for the AFWEs. That said, it’s definitely nice to have more options…including CA and elsewhere!


The problem with Oregon is still the gut-wrenching vintage variation. You have to pay even closer attention than you do in Burgundy, and I have the bandwidth to do that properly for only one wine region. (Sufficient coverage of the 2013 rains that completely changed the nature of the vintage was really lacking). It doesn’t help that there are zero tastings featuring Oregon wines even in the SF Bay Area on a regular basis. I think people who are buying 2012 Oregon Pinots thinking it’s gonna be like that every year are in for a shock.

I honestly don’t want my Oregon Pinot Noir to taste the same year in and year out. Sure I avoid vintages like 2003 and 2006 after learning what I do and don’t like…Yet just like in Burgundy I think there are producers that simply know what to do with each vintage year-in, year-out.

Indeed. Popularity is a fickle double-edged sword. In this market, I’d rather drink syrah. Unfortunately the ones I want are from France with pedigree, so no value there either.