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Smoking Goose | slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and sausages

“The meat expert rethinking one of the world’s most ancient food traditions.”
~ New York Magazine’s Grub Street on what sets Smoking Goose apart.

Smoking Goose is excited to participate in NewbiePalooza! We love the concept of WineBerserkers and are so happy that Charlie and Rich agreed to write tasting notes. Special thanks to Patrick who nominated us and helped guide us through the process!

Our Offer

Enjoy an additional 10% off orders of $100 or more, plus Free Shipping
Go to: https://shop.smokinggoose.com/

Enter BERSERKERS in the discount code box at checkout.

  • almost our entire line up of 40+ salumi, sausages, smoked meats, and larder meats are already on sale at shop.smokinggoose.com – stock up for the holidays with an additional 10% off your order of $100 or more.

  • applies to over 300 paired products, too: seafood, cheeses, pickles, preserves, condiments, spice rubs, marinades, and more

  • does not apply to Sampler Packs https://shop.smokinggoose.com/collections/sampler-packs-1 (which are already discounted!), gift cards, or meat school classes ***$100 minimum must be of eligible items…in other words, sampler packs, gift cards, classes can’t count toward the $100 minimum for code to work :slight_smile:

  • expires at midnight on Nov. 30, 2021, and only valid once per customer

Shipping info: free shipping offer valid in lower 48 states. Orders are shipped in food-appropriate insulated boxes with ice packs as needed, etc. More info and answers to FAQ at https://shop.smokinggoose.com/pages/contact-us

Note: Stay tuned! We’ll be a part of BerserkerDay in 2022 and hope to have some new offerings then, too. [cheers.gif]

Our Story
Indianapolis natives and high school sweethearts (awww) Chris and Mollie Eley opened “Goose the Market,” a neighborhood butcher shop and specialty food market in 2007. Based on the relationships with farmers and the recipes that Chris developed behind the butcher counter, this family business grew into Smoking Goose in 2011.

Using old world craft and new world flavors, Smoking Goose makes over 40 varieties of slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and sausages in small batches. All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. Working with farmers in Indiana and neighboring states who raise their animals as nature intended, Chris and the Smoking Goose gang still seam butcher by hand and cure without compound nitrates.

Producing this way takes more time, more effort, and more patience, but Chris’ and Mollie’s unwavering commitment to quality, flavor, and humane, sustainable farm partners has earned Smoking Goose nods features from Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, James Beard Foundation, Good Food Awards, and more.

Need help deciding? Here are a few of our fans’ favorite things: Again, many thanks to Patrick, Charlie, and Rich!

  • Spruce and Candy Salame - A 2021 “Good Food Award” winner! This pork salame blends spruce tips with 18th Street Brewing’s American Pale Ale and lemon peel, clove, Calabrian pepper, and pink peppercorns. Spruce tips grow in early spring and have a citrus-y, resin-y freshness – a traditional spice that Smoking Goose owner and butcher Chris Eley learned to use when visiting Alaska. Not sliced; about 7-8oz each, paper wrapped. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/spruce-and-candy-salame-limited-release-collaboration-with-18th-street-brewing

  • ‘Nduja - “My name is ‘Nduja Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Well, not exactly. Pronounced kinda like “in-do-yha,” this is a soft, spreadable pork salame with paprika dulce and Calabrian peppers. Allow it to come to room temp and schmear on crusty bread while still hot from the toaster. Add spoonfuls to a warm pan as the cooking medium for veg, soups, braises. Blend into stuffing for porchetta or whole fish. A 6oz piece, ready to eat right out of the package. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/nduja

  • Rabbit & Pork Cheek Terrine - Berserker Council member Patrick Taylor’s all-time fave. You’d buy it on that alone, right? This is a country-style terrine of rabbit, nutmeg, white pepper, and parsley wrapped in thin slices of cured pork belly. Something you might find in an outdoor market in Beaune, France, it has that holiday season “wow” factor. One slice, about 8oz. Store in freezer. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/rabbit-pork-cheek-terrine

  • Saucisson Rouge - With a recipe inspired by Chris’ trip to French Canada, this rich and intense Saucisson Rouge is a whole hog salame with piment d’ville, chili, pork heart, pork liver, and red wine. About 5-7oz each, not sliced. We heard that Rich K0rz€nk0 had to physically restrain himself from scarfing down the whole thing in one sitting! https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/saucisson-rouge

  • Guanciale - Pork jowl: juniper, garlic, black peppercorns; each piece about 8oz, ready to slice or dice at home. We’re excited to announce that our Guanciale is a finalist for the 2022 Good Food Awards, and suggest you order some before Charlie Carnes cleans us out! https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/guanciale

  • Hot Smoked Waygu Beef Bologna - Say whaaa? This bologna has a first name: it’s “T-A-S-T-Y!” Hot-smoked wagyu beef bologna with white pepper, black pepper, paprika, coriander, mustard. Pork free, contains dairy; about 8oz package, sliced. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/hot-smoked-wagyu-beef-bologna-sliced

  • Blackberry Duck Salame - Our latest limited release. Duck salame with a touch of pork for texture and Upland Brewing’s black raspberry sour ale, blackberries, white peppercorns, cinnamon, lemon peel. Not sliced; about 6 oz each. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/collections/holiday/products/blackberry-duck-salame

  • Wild Fennel Sausage - Smoked pork sausage with Magnifici del Mezzogiorno fennel seeds from Calabria, Italy, plus anise seed, sage, crushed chilies, and red wine; four fully-cooked links in each ~12 oz package; store in freezer. https://shop.smokinggoose.com/products/wild-fennel-sausage

And with that, we raise the curtain on NewbiePalooza. Happy shopping, and thank you for your support!

Smoking Goose

curing Indiana one pig at a time, since 2011

For more on Smoking Goose, check out https://www.smokinggoose.com/resources


Smoking Goose Meatery

Imaging my glee when I found out I get to sample a bunch of cased meats, terrines, and other related products… It’s like I won the lottery!

This was my first experience with Smoking Goose, and I was very happy with everything I ordered. I feel like everything was true to form, proper representations, with nothing ever over-spiced, even the spicy stuff! I was pleasantly surprised at how I could “taste the meat” of all of the different products. It seems like so many standard supermarket products just don’t have the flavor and texture of these quality meats!

I ordered:
Sausage Sampler
Rabbit and Pork Cheek Terrine
Pig and Fig Terrine
Salumi Sampler

The Fennel Sausage was great sliced hot or cold, plain or with mustard, and a great addition to a charcuterie board. I imagine these would be great on sandwich or as cut up links with breakfast. It was full and juicy, with obvious fennel, and a lovely hint of fruit, like apricot.

The Smoked Kitchen Sink Sausage came across to me as something I would rather have for breakfast. It had bacon and a texture that reminded me of something my great grandmother would have served with her homemade biscuits and gravy!

I liked the Caraway and Külsch Brats! I did these hot and cold sliced, plain and with charcuterie board accompaniments. I also simmered with onions and beer, marked them, and made a great sandwich, with spicy mustard. Good stuff!

The Fig and Pig Terrine was so cool and delicious. It had instant aromas of holiday spices, and a lovely texture, with great flavor. My wife’s first reaction to this was, “OH Yea!”. This would be ideal on a board, especially during the holidays. The second day the flavor came out more, with a great meaty taste and a hint of sweet. I really liked this.

The other terrine was the Rabbit and Pork Cheek Terrine. This was also great. Warning, I found out some people cannot make themselves eat rabbit. Oh well, I loved it!. Again, it had great texture, and flavor. It was a little lighter in feel than the fig and pig, and a wonderful nutmeg flavoring that stood out. Great on a holiday board, or just as a spread. I would love to experiment with other ways to serve the terrines.

Rust belt Saucisson was nice. It was hard, and delicious, deep flavored, and had lovely spices! This was great on its own. It was also good on a board. This is something I could picture an alpinist snacking on after a long day climbing, maybe with a hard cheese and a little bittersweet chocolate.

The Saucisson Rouge, was similar, and similarly versatile. Again, it had great flavor and texture; this one had a little more heat, which I liked as well.

Man, the Gin and Juice Salame was awesome! I could taste the juniper instantly, and the lamb gave it such a great flavor and texture. These were great alone and on a board. It really showed when I made a Gin and Juice pizza in my Ooni at 700+˚. The heat really brought out the flavor, and my thin Manhattan pizza really was tasty with the delicious salame.

I had only been introduced to ’NDUJA, recently, and it has become a kitchen staple for me! This is a most delicious soft, spreadable salame, spiced with Calabrian peppers. Of course, I had it plain, spread on crackers, its spicy and delicious. It’s also great on a board. It starts to stand out when I started cooking with it! I sautéed leftover steak, thin sliced with a few thin slices of onion, ’NDUJA, smashed with a fork, and a little cheese. This was great on an omelet, alone, or on some soft bread as a breakfast sandwich. I also made ’NDUJA pizza, with sun-dried tomato, ’NDUJA chunks, red onion, wow was it good! This is such a cool food.

Last but not least, the Guanciale! I called my Italian friend and asked him how to pronounce this. He was happy to tell me and also asked, “Where the heck did you get that?” It’s Guan Charlie without the r basically. I sliced this and cooked it like bacon. It is off the charts by itself! It has a bacon texture, but is a little softer, and renders more quickly. It was rich and flavorful, with juniper and pepper, and almost rosemary perception. Then I made a Spaghetti al a Gricia, with chunks of the guanciale, holy cannoli, was this good! This is a must try!


Yeah, I’m with Charlie on this. This was like hitting the lottery. I loaded up and am still recovering from the meat sweats. Everything was just seriously fantastic. I’m hooked and will be placing orders frequently,

Preface: I had received some items free, but I also paid for more items beyond free. Kept this objective as if I bought from anyone.

My order that I am still enjoying was as follows…

Spruce and Candy Salame - You really want this. It is just killer stuff. As noted in their offer above, it is a 2021 “Good Food Award” winner. It reminded me a lot of the Rust Belt Saucisson however just on another level. The lemony-citrus thing is more pronounced adding to that candied flavor going on. Well spiced peppery goodness; you get the spruce in the flavor and aroma, and the Pale Ale thing going is like a light undercurrent of hoppiness that really ties everything together well. Loved the texture, it was bright; again… killer stuff here. Paired with a Kutch Bohan.

Fresh Hillbelly Breakfast Sausage - I knocked this back with the family one morning, used it for breakfast. Not much of a breakfast guy but this got the day off to a great start… Its crumbly. I had it on its own, on the side with eggs, and made a little sausage biscuit jobby as a snack later. Great flavor, Peppercorns, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger & Nutmeg as advertised. Super fresh and versatile. Have at it. Pairing was with OJ.

Delaware Fireball - I did not know what to expect with this. This packed the most heat of anything I had in the stack, nothing crazy but it punched. Plus, the pork was almost spreadable, simply delightful. I sliced it up and paired it with a variety of cheeses and some figs and apricots. Delicious. While the texture is softer, almost like a firm mozzarella, it is super rich and the weight is quite filling after a few dollops. A little goes a long way and It will last. Paired with a de Negoce Pinot, not sure the lot.

Applewood Bacon - C’mon, its bacon, you really can’t lose here and somehow they up the ante. It’s got sweet, it’s got good salt, it’s got fruit, and its got smoke. Full flavor bacony goodness. Super fresh. Beat the pants off anything from a local supermarket. Cut was good with nice marbling. Can be more than just breakfast; crumbled up, it can go with Mac and Cheese or add a dose of brightness to butternut squash soup. Pairing was with OJ.

Guanciale - It looks pretty and tastes even better than that. Its labeled cured on the site so went with a first prep of just thicker slices (trimmed the fat) on crackers with smoked Gouda, excellent. The salt packs a punch, so pair it with that in mind. Salt, pepper, light on the juniper, and it’s got weight, very rich. Sliced thin, nice to complement a sandwich of any kind or just roll around a piece of cheese; take a bite. The fat cap is no joke. Later I diced it up and popped it in a carbonara. It just made the dish. Well done. multiple wines, multiple preps, good acidic, food-friendly and can’t go wrong. Plus, just made some bacon strips with this in the oven, on point. slice thin, 375, 10 - 15 minutes cook to taste. Super Crispy.

Sausage Sampler Pack

Wild Fennel Sausage - My favorite of this pack, delicious. This was prepared on the grill with a quick char and then indirect heat. Stellar. Sliced up on its own with some various things to dip in and also made heroes later. Great flavor, the pork and fennel pack a great punch together, sweet and aromatic, good firm texture. I’d buy this again and again. Had this with a Turley Zin.

Smoked Kitchen Sink Sausage - Pork is just spot on, get the richness of the bacon, and red pepper kicks in nicely. The texture is a bit more loose than the others and it’s just easy, effortless eating. Went great with roasted red and yellow peppers on a hero. More Turley Zin.

Caraway & Kölsch Bratwurst - Football Sunday with beer. Did like Charlie, a bit cold and a bit hot. Various sides. I killed a half just sliced up on the thinner side treating them like fatty chips with dill pickles and Gruyere. Solid.

Salumi Sampler Pack

Saucisson Rouge - My favorite of the Salumis. This is like a heavy sweet breads-esque pate in a salumi. Hearts, livers, you can taste the richness and the weight, well spiced, the softest of the textures. It was also showing the most Penicillium of all which is harmless, just don’t be surprised if that’s new to you. I preferred to remove the skin as I wanted to taste what was inside. I destroyed nearly all of it in one sitting without realizing it. Love this. Pairing was a 2014 Zoetic Pinot.

Rust Belt Saucisson - Excellent, chewy texture, pork is bright, warm spices, lemon peel acidity. Easy to put away. Great with a wide variety of cheeses, I mostly had it with a Compte as a foil with some light fruits in between bites on a game night. Easy eating with a white Burg.

Gin and Juice Salami - Maybe the one that gave me the most pause. It’s as advertised.
It is Gin, and by gin, its heavy juniper berries and some citrus after you get a dose of that. The texture was harder than all the others, sharpen your knives. It is quality and delivers on what it promises… very flavor forward. You gotta like Gin as maybe a preface or know what you want to pair this with.

Rabbit & Pork Cheek Terrine - Just meaty goodness here. Rabbit is not for everyone,that leaves more for me :slight_smile: Great texture, well spiced, lighter than you think, savory with a rustic feel. Did this on a classic charcuterie board with some friends, was a hit. Sliced in various thicknesses and it went with pretty much everything I threw at it. Couple of wines, main was Rhys 2012 Alpine.

So, everything was good, like everything. I’m a fan and will order up when I need a dose of goodness. Order with confidence that you will enjoy what shows up. Try new things, multiple preparations, and make some room in the freezer; you’ll need it.

Feel free to ask questions, I’l answer what I can. I’ll be on as much as I can be, stepping away here and there.

Lastly, a big Thank You to the folks at Smoking Goose. Great experience and great products.

Delaware Fireball
Wild Fennel and Smoked Kitchen Sink Sausage
Saucisson Rouge


Oh great notes! My mouth is watering for the things I didn’t try. Also, I am going to steal “meat sweats!” from you. And great pic of the Guanciale!

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Lol yeah, I think I’ll need to take a week off from anything animal after this. I just polished off the rest of the sausage tonight with a dirty rice and a few slabs of the Guanciale bacon because why not.


I am so hungry and have no qualms about eating a bunny. :slight_smile:

Another nice thing: the discount is not limited to the meats. Smoking Goose carries a fine selection of cheeses (Tulip Tree is pretty great), condiments, and other products.

Go to https://shop.smokinggoose.com/collections/all to see the full list. You can filter by category.

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#MakingOurBaconBlush [thankyou.gif] Thank you so much, Charlie!

#MakingOurBaconBlush [bow.gif] Thank you so much, Rich!!

Patrick is our fellow Hoosier! He’s the local who introduced us to Wine Berserkers. We’re so thankful for your help guiding us through this process and introducing us to such a great crew. [dance-clap.gif] Many thanks, Patrick!

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One question… are the following items OK to store in the freezer?

  • Guanciale
  • 'Nduja
  • Delaware Fireball
  • Jowl Bacon
  • Sausage Sampler
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Looking forward to this, order in!

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I tried ordering a variety of items, but kept getting the “BERSERKERS discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart” message even after removing the sampler packs.

Same thing happened with guanciale. Maybe because it’s already on sale? Thanks y’all.

Wow! This was already one of my favorite charcuterie producers. will be placing an order today.

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I’ve emailed Corrie to let her know

Thanks for checking out our products and our site! Friendly reminder that the value of your cart needs to be $100 minimum of eligible items (in other words, Sampler Packs, gift cards, meat school classes don’t count toward $100 minimum). We’ve had successful orders come in with the code working correctly. If you’re having trouble, feel free to call 317-638-6328 ext 2 and we can walk you through it :slight_smile: Thanks again!!

Everything was already in sale when I went to the site.

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Ohhhh daaaamn, does this all look excellent!! I didn’t know it was possible to drool this early in the day. To anyone who is frightened by rabbit: don’t be – it’s downright delicious, and deserves much more culinary attention than it typically receives in our country.

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Just got off the phone with Corrie, and she took care of my order by phone. I had originally had a sampler pack in the order, but deleted it, and maybe that caused some glitch with the online order so the code wouldn’t work? Looking forward to trying the 10 different items I ordered.

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So nice to chat with you, Marshall! Thanks for your order!