Exotic Meat Site

Received an email today promoting this online wild “game” site. Some really mind-blowing stuff on here.


The Lion seems kinda pricey.

I wonder if Freemott has had the yak.

Most of those exotic meats are underwhelming, at best.

However, “Lion-Antelope Burger” is causing me to laugh so hard I might just have to order it to share the giggles.


Sounds worth it to me.

$30 for a dozen duck eggs. [rofl.gif]

I pay $2 a dozn at the local farm.

The venison prices are also hilarious.

I also pay $2 for about 60 pounds of fresh venison.

But these are EXOTIC ducks…

$2 for 60 lbs! Damn!

Ammo prices have gone up recently.

$ aren’t really the issue…its more finding the ammo.