Excellent article on Evangelho

Written by Chris Howard on Jancis Robinson.com (open for non-subscribers).

This vineyard is fascinating on so many levels.


my favorite vineyard in the bedrock lineup. love the wines from here!

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This is a really great article. Thanks so much for sharing!
When I was in Berlin in April I brought a bottle of Desire Lines Evangelho Red. What an expression of California.

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Old vines and new vines protecting each other.

Great read.

Excellent article!

Thank you Paul! I can’t tell you how much that means to us. Evangelho is a wonderful, spectacular, singular place.

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To pick a small nit: the Steinbeck quote should be “so much more.”

Thanks for sharing! Great article.

Isn’t this the same article that got shared a year or two ago? I vaguely recall seeing it previously (and yes, it is great!).

Edit: Found it! Jancis Robinson Wine Writting Compeition 2021 (Old Vines) Winner - Evangelho - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

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