Evening land vosne romanee

Who made this?

On every wine bottle there must be an indication of the producer, at least on the back label (which then is the legal major label).
I suppose a negociant …

Are you speaking specifically to French wine?

In the US there is a mandatory indication, usually “produced and bottled by”, but it’s relatively easy to add a brand name to your TTB license and then use that on bottles made for another producer. I used to produce wines for a number of people, and almost all of them have their own brand name indicated on the bottle.

This must be a Raj Parr wine. FWIW.


I m speaking about EC wines. France is in the EC and Vosne-Romanee is in France.
I don t know about US-laws though …

This has to be a negociant kind of wine produced by Raj Parr from grapes in Vosne Romanee. You are required to be registered in France as a negociant and have a license etc. Not sure about this one. I would be interested. Raj is into all kinds of projects. Evening Land in the US is one of his projects.

But that indication can be just a number, which is hard to figure out…

I was blinded on a vintage of this (pretty sure it was 2009) several years ago. Wasn’t terribly interesting.