EuroCave versus Vino Temp Cooler unit - any thoughts or experience to determine?

Sorry to trouble folks,
I’ve changed the headline, and body of the message, not sure if that is HOYLE?

I see so many people recommend VINOTEMP or Euro Cave, and folks have referred me to purchase at COSTCO,
which is excellent. If I can get the local Hawaii store to supply .
Before I do move forward - I wonder what folks will suggest.
Short term I’m thinking a single unit 100 - 200/btls…

I do appreciate your taking the time to share your experience.
Any thoughts which brand to go for.


Go Eurocave !

thank you,
I am much too frugal for my own good,
I think when my number is called I’ll get to take my money with me
where ever it is I’m going to - very bad way I live my life

Do not go Vinotemp - the general feedback on their units and customer service is appalling. I recently bought a CellarPro as a replacement and was bowled over by the quality. Having got to know the insides of my vinotemp extensively during several attempts at self-repair, it’s clear that CellarPros have a far superior build quality. Biggest step change is the humidity - the cellarpro controls it really well.

thank you
I thought many people encouraged me to go for Vinotemp
and now I will avoid
Mucho Gracias

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good wisdom,

If you buy Vinotemp through Costco it can be returned at any time. If you’re in Hawaii see what the local warehouse sells. You cannot go wrong with that.

ok… and it appears no one has purchased this Hisense unit…
I was at LOWES YESTERDAy and a woman was leaving with the unit and I saw it also on line at Costco and other stores at such a reasonable price…
I’ve no idea if I should go for a small unit - 60 - 100 /bt, or 200 bt.
my office is less than 5 minutes away with 2,000 cases and my former walk -in cellar locked with the expensive wines.
so it is for the home… and to keep some drinking wines and some bottles that will go out as tasting samples for appointments

Eurocave. I have been buying since they first hit these shores in about 1981
As a matter of fact, THAT first unit is still in use in my buddy’s garage. It only had one compressor change in about 1995. 28 years and that ain’t so bad!

Hisense is a low quality Chinese international company. If you are storing not so expensive wines for very short term, you could consider it. I look at it like buying a high end car but maintaining it with cheap parts. I would just pay more for peace of mind. Look into their customer service and warranty. I would also buy an accurate thermometer and see if you are getting accurate temperature and also temp isnt fluctuating too much and often. I use one that logs temp and humidity data.

One more thing. Since I don’t know where you are planning to keep this cooler. Low end products can be noisy. Something to think about.

THAT Unit IS not for me. I cannot thank you enough.
The cooling unit will go in my condo which after 38 years of living in homes,
I am now in an air condition apartment.
Thank you again.

This thread may be of interest.

I have two mid-size Eurocaves one bought in 2000 and one in 2010. Neither one has needed any maintenance. Run like a charm.

Thread can pretty much be locked at this point…

please do yourself a favor and never buy anything vinotemp. We bought a custom one for our garage to hold about 300 bottles in 2015. Two weeks ago, it just stopped working, completely blew out and took all of our wine with it. We were on vacation and when we opened the “frig”, it was at 84. We checked three bottles and all were cooked. Customer service has been appalling - its out of warranty, yes but no apology that their high end product destroyed the product we bought it to protect.

Thank you for your caring. I’ve now heard this story quite a bit and on the other side several people have been kind enough to assure me that the investment in EUROCAVE is the way to go… I’m fortunate to have so many informed caring people … I have decided to purchase the EUROCAVE AND need to find out the best way how in the local market,
many thanks

No way I trust one of these units in a garage, vino temp or no vino temp.

Tom - it was specifically built for the garage by Vino Temp.

But is there redundancy built in? If it fails in summer and you don’t know it, you’re out of luck as you well know.