Eurocave Shelving: Replacement Shelf Brackets?

Eurocaveists - I recently bough a Comfort 260 that holds its wood shelfing with L brackets that have metal hooks to feed into the walls of the eurocave. I am short two of these for an additional rack, and have been scrambling around the home depot and other stores for replacements to no avail (see photos below). Basically everything at a hardware store is screw (can’t access the back) or glue based (won’t do the trick for obvious reasons).

Any thoughts on where I can procure some? I know the obvious answer is reaching out to Eurocave (I plan on pinging the specialist on Monday), but also wanted to query the hivemind for quick solutions.


Try Wine enthusiast.

I’ve got some extra. PM me.

Wine Enthusiast was able to provide replacement brackets. Thanks CJ!