Eurocave Servicing in DC Area

I discovered last week that one of my Eurocave units isn’t maintaining temperature properly and need to arrange service. I’m located in the DC area (in Northern VA), and was wondering if anyone can recommend a reputable and qualified company to service the unit. Cheers and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Wine Enthusiast can provide you with the contact information for a repair service in your area.

That’s what they say. My parents tried going that route with their unit and it turned into a lot more frustration than it was worth. Wine Enthusiast was basically recommending random refrigerator repair people in the area. Most of them said they had never worked on anything like that and would not do so because they weren’t familiar with it. They ended up having to get the entire control board replaced when it probably just needed a fuse.

I don’t know if they work on Eurocave but I’ve been very happy with Nationwide Refrigeration’s work on my 25+ year old Vinotheque and on the cooling unit in my cellar. It’s definitely worth a call. They’re in Manassas.

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I guess Wine Enthusiast is hit or miss on their recommendations. They referred me to a small local appliance repair company that was familiar with the cabinet.

Good, I’m glad that worked out for you. I think it depends on the area.

I did just have to replace my oldest Eurocave. It was so old that replacement control panels are no longer available.

I guess that means you got a long life out of it. How old was it?

Just over 20 years but I did have to have the thermostats replaced a few years back. I understand that can still be done but the control board is no longer available.

Thanks – that’s what I have generally heard. I have reached out to WE Customer Service, but have yet to hear back. I’ll give it a few more days before I begin making more noise.

Thanks, Jeff. I’m also in Vienna, so I’ll probably give Nationwide a call to see if they are familiar with newer Eurocaves. Much appreciated.

Any feedback on results with Norther Virginia Eurocave repairs? I’m in Vienna and after 20 years, my old Eurocave Comfort 260 3-Temp seems to be on the fritz with a broken fan. Certainly gotten my life out of it but if it can be repaired, it’s still likely cheaper than buying a new one.

The local service provider that Wine Enthusiast outsources repairs to wasn’t particularly responsive, so Wine Enthusiast replaced my unit it after I had much difficulty getting it serviced. It was still under warranty.


Thanks for the update @Vic_G . Given mine’s over 20 years old, I guess replacement is the best option.