Eurocave Question


Hi All

I just unpacked my Eurocave and saw these four brackets that are unaccounted for in the instructions. Thoughts?


They look like stoppers that do inside your cellar. To stop or support some shelves.

… and that bottle label looks like Almaviva! Almaviva Almaviva | Vivino

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I vaguely recall Eurocave came withing that slots in the top back, to ensure you don’t put the Eurocave flush to the wall behind it without enough clearance. Not sure if those are the same piece. You can email WineEnthusiast (the US importer) the photos and ask them the question and they will get back to you in 2-3 days.

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Bravo bravo [dance-clap.gif]

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Those are the brackets for the non-sliding display shelf that was supplied with the Artevino.



That’s how my Artevino was delivered

Mike and Eric are correct. Those are the support brackets for the fixed shelf which typically goes at the bottom of your Eurocave cabinet.