EuroCave question

I bought my EuroCave Premiere “M” about 9 months ago. I have been having ongoing problems with several of the sliding shelves-they became very difficult to pull out, I have to forcefully pull them out and then remove the bottles, remove the sliding shelf, perform an adjustment and then put the shelf back in. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Don Appleton

I did initially, but then adjusted the tracks on the shelves, either in or out

Be careful not to overload the unit ,as the weight will force the sides out & create similar problems.

I simply adjusted mine and the shelves would slide easily. I totally agree on the not overloading the shelve. That often causes sticking. I also sprayed the edges with a silicone spray to make them slide more easily.

There are screws on the side of the shelves. You can adjust them so the tracks stay put and don’t fall off them.
You probably have them too tight.

Thanks for these helpful responses.