Eurocave Pure L Tips?

How long after storage does it typically take for a large Eurocave to reach temp? 12, 24, 48 hours? Is it better to let it reach temp with wine inside or empty? Trying to see if I should start freaking out or not. I had it running for about 6 hours, fully stocked, and the temp has not budged.

While I do not have experience with a Eurocave I can comment a bit on temperature trends. It will take longer for a wine cooler to reach the desired temperature if it has been fully stocked with wine that is at a different temperature relative to the desired temp. The more wine you need to cool the longer it takes to reach the desired temperature. To answer your third question, I would fully stock the wine cooler and just let it run since you will have to put in the wine anyways.

If you are concerned about the wine cooler, you could test it. Empty the entire fridge and set the desired temp below room temp (say 55 F). If the temperature of the fridge doesn’t change after 6 hrs with an empty fridge then I would say something is wrong.

Based off what you said I would wait a day. It takes a lot of power to change the temperature of all that wine.

Hope this helps!

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Will wait 24 hours and see what happens.

It also depends on large the unit is. The larger the unit the more thermal mass there will be when it is fully stocked. It also depends on what the ambient is and the beginning temperature of the wine as it is placed into the unit. On a larger model 24 hours may be overly optimistic. You should see good temperature movement after 24 hours, but it may not be down to your set point.

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I have a pure m. Took about 36 hours to reach temp loaded.

Still have not gotten the unit to cool. Called a repairman that services Eurocave and he said the fan and compressor are working and it is possibly an issue with the evaporator inside the unit. It is not something they can access because of how the Pure L is built fully sealed. Have no clue what to do…

Anyone have any tips on companies that can repair Eurocave units in the DFW area? The repairman who came out said they work on Eurocave, but he seemed to know very little on how to work the unit. Very little experience. Basically said the unit is unrepairable after a quick check of the compressor and fan. Its just hard for me to believe that is the case.

is this a new or used unit?
I got a new Artevino (made by Eurocave) ~11 months ago. I had an issue with the temp reading being off.

Eurocave aka Wine Enthusiast who is the US Distributor told me that they serviced the warranty for 3 months then it went to Costco to service for the remainder of the warranty (that is who sold it to me). They even told me if they were still servicing it they would just replace it, but it was up to Costco. Costco sent out a 3rd party repair person, put in a new thermostat, and now it works fine.

Point being, if it is new, or at least under warranty, did you try Wine Enthusiast? They were at least responsive to my inquires and when there was a delay in getting the part to the 3rd party repair shop, I called WE and they handled it with the 3rd party repair shop ASAP.

Its 5 years old so not within warranty. How can you tell if the thermostat is bad?

well I have another wine fridge and those bottles by the touch just always seemed colder even though the temps are both set to 55, so it got me thinking. Wasn’t like the Eurocave wasn’t working and the bottles were hot, but it was noticeable that they were not as cool.

So I have a wireless bbq smoker temp thing plus a regular ol $5 refrigerator thermometer Taylor 3507 TruTemp 2" Freezer or Refrigerator Thermometer - Dial

Both devices told me the temp the unit was reading was a good 3-4 degrees off and further testing showed the unit didn’t click on when it was supposed to.

Turned out they said it needed a new thermometer. And since it was covered under warranty they did all the work, and now it works fine.


So turns out I had a refrigerant leak in the system. A little secret I found out is that certified Eurocave technicians will not patch leaks in the evaporator. They are literally barred from doing this. They can only replace parts and the evaporator cannot be replaced. If you get a knowledgeable repairman experienced in wine cellar repair (but not official Eurocave tech), they will patch the system. Its only going to hold for a few years, but that is a lot cheaper than replacing a $5k unit.

Not suggesting going around Eurocave if your system is under warranty (this will definitely void it), but if you have an older unit its a cost effective option.