Eurocave mold problems

I did a search and found talks about this for a cellar but not a Eurocave. Has anyone had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?

Thanks in advance…

No serious mold issues, maybe a spot or two on the wall or the bottom of a bottle that was touching the back wall in a stuffed Eurocave.

When the Humidity gets too high I just wipe the walls with a towel. I’ve had a few Eurocaves, one has been running over 20 years.

Thanks, it’s been interesting to see how it can impact the cabinet.

I have found it helps to change the charcoal filter more often. YMMV

This has been my experience as well based on 10+ years. Biggest problem was user error: I added some bottles from an older cellar that had a hint of mold on the labels that then grew. But once all wiped down and cleaned, no problem. Definitely keep bottles from touching walls and, like Walt, I change the filter yearly.

I had this problem about four years back. What I found out was the filter in the back had somehow disappeared, and I think the small hole had been allowing in too much humidity. I replaced it and literally hand wiped every impacted bottle. It’s been fine since.

I’ve seen it a few times, usually because bottles are touching the back wall. I always wipe down any affected bottles and the wall(s) they were touching with white vinegar. That seems to get rid of it well. Cardboard boxes are a problem too. They can’t be in there.

Thank you all…this is a good start. Everything came out and is getting dried, bottles with mold on the label are now wrapped in Saran Wrap. The reservoir no longer has a small pool at the bottom of the unit.