ETS & Enartis/Vinquiry Laboratories to Merge

Just saw this announcement:
ETS Laboratories and Enartis, Home of Vinquiry Laboratories, to Combine Analytical Services

Seems like this will reduce competition in the wine lab business. Any potential advantages to wineries with this merger?

I work in the lab at Enartis Vinquiry. It looks like ETS may hire on some of us but I would guess there will be at least some well-trained lab people looking for jobs, potentially including myself depending on how things go. If anyone on this board knows of any lab-focused opportunities at wineries, either seasonal or permanent, I and my colleagues would love to hear about them.

There will be reduced competition, but from a practical standpoint I wouldn’t imagine significant advantages or disadvantages to wineries, since both companies perform(ed) most of the same functions in terms of lab services. I don’t know the logistical details in terms of how existing Enartis Vinquiry clients will be catered for by ETS (in terms of couriers and drop-offs, for example) but it does seem like the two companies are working together well to try to make it a smooth transition for clients.

On a personal level it’s a poignant moment for a lot of us at Enartis - the decision makes sense from a business standpoint but we have a great team of people who really love working together and I’m definitely going to miss working there.

Hey Ben: sorry to hear that some people may not be able to stay on. shoot me an email at nweis [at] silveroak [dot] com

Would love to talk to anyone looking about seasonal jobs we may have open, lab or otherwise.

I was sorry to hear this. I don’t have anything against ETS except its location. I usually have some other reason to head toward Windsor, including going to Vinquiry for supplies, and could usually drop samples at the lab on the same trip. With Scott Labs practically shut down, the only half-way conveniently located lab is Gusmer. ETS is pretty expensive to begin with, and having to ship samples there doesn’t help.

We use My Enologist out of Napa. ETS became too expensive and My Enologist is less expensive.