Estrella Damm Inedit

Reminds me of a kinder gentler Delirium Tremmens. A little spicy, and the orange peel and coriander used in the brewing process show quite a bit. A delicate bitterness and sometimes a hint of honey.

I think the base is mostly built on Belgian White Ales than Triples, especially the orange peel and coriander, but definitely bigger and better than most. IIRC, the beer was a collaboration with Albert Adria from El Bulli. Exceptional stuff, one of the more subtle and complex ‘light’ Belgians I’ve had. The label approval has been typically slow to the draw here in VA, but hopefully will get it in here by April.

Hopefully this is a lot better than their standard “Pilsner” style beer which is a poorly made imitation of Budweiser, and is, sadly, just about the only beer available in Barcelona.

COMPLETELY different. Much more artisan.
BTW: the next time you’re in Barcelona…" onclick=";return false;