Eroica vs your German labels

Hi Dr Loosen,

being from WA state, i’m curious what type of riesling do you associate with the Eroica project you partnered in producing (with CSM).
A Kabinett? Spatlese? any particular region of Germany? or completely unique on its own?

Thank you!

Interesting question. [cheers.gif]

I’ve tried the Eroica a couple of times; I thought it was good.

“Hi Dr Loosen”

We are chatting with Mr. Ernst Loosen, who owns and runs the Dr. Loosen winery. Ernst’s name is Ernst Loosen, so: either “Hi Ernst” or “Hi Mr. Loosen”.

Eroica is in terms of basic taste profile it might be close to a Halbtrocken Riesling from the Pfalz, but the 2011 vintage may be considered even a Feinherb. However, we are not trying to make a German wine in WA Stat. Bob, the head winemaker of Chateaux Ste Michelin and I take each vintage as it comes and search out the best parcels that we think express the typicity of a top class Riesling from Washington State for that particular year.

Thank you! As a follow up, what is the biggest difference you see between a WA vs a German riesling?
Acidity? Sugar levels?

Cool, good to know. If i may though, refer you to the name of this forum “Special wine guest - Dr Ernst Loosen”. Perhaps that’s the point of confusion.