Erica Orr Wines BD12 Offers

Good to meet you, Berserkers- I’m Erica Orr, an enologist and consulting winemaker up here in Woodinville, Washington.
Here’s a link to my newbie intro
I’m psyched to participate in BD12!! I’ve got some fun lots on offer for you guys.

Erica Orr Wines
A classic style crafted for the modern table.
If you have ANY questions about my wines please reach out! States I can’t ship to are listed at the end of this message. You may purchase these wines by clicking here or by clicking on the SHOP tab on my website [cheers.gif]
Be sure to use the promo code BD12.

(3 Bottles)
Newbie Intro mixed 3 pack
1 bottle each of 2019 Old Vine Columbia Valley Chenin blanc
2019 Columbia Valley Grenache & 2018 Columbia Valley Merlot

Other 364 days = $75, BD12 = $65 ground shipping included

OFFER 2 is now sold out
(3 Bottles)
Columbia Valley Grenache vertical: 2016 Grenache, 2017 Grenache & 2018 Grenache
Only 14 available
BD12 = $75 ground shipping included

(6 Bottles)
6 bottles of 2018 Columbia Valley Merlot

Other 364 days = $150, BD12 = $120 ground shipping included


I CANNOT ship to: AL, SD, RI, DE, ND, MS, NH, and UT.
Shipping OK with special rates = HI and AK

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Erica, Is the CB in your shop the same one you are offering for BD12?

Are offers up, or mañana?

I clicked on her link, tomorrow my man.

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Yep, come back tomorrow!

Erica can you save me a #2 and a #3 and I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow … :slight_smile:




Orrder in!! I love Chenin! And Grenache, and Merlot! Can’t wait to try, thanks.

Not all offers show up.

Are offers 2 and 3 sold out?

Order in.

I’m trying to purchase Offer 1 and Offer 2, but only see Offer 1 on the website.

Clever. :slight_smile:
I grabbed 1 of each as well.

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Picked up an intro pack, all sounds great. Can’t wait to try.

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I picked up 2 of Sampler #1. Intended to just buy Grenache sampler, but could not miss with the other wines either, and that was what was working. Thanks and Cheers!

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Still not seeing the grenache offer but holding out hope!

Found all the offers …


Thank you Erica


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Click on the new products link … [cheers.gif]

Got my Offer 1 and Offer 2, found 2 and 3 under “New Products”, but looks like they just got moved under the “shop” with the other available wines.

Take my money, I’ve been waiting for this one all day…order in for Offer 1 & 2…

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