Epoch Initial Release order period to begin June 16.

I guess I signed up for this one a while back and they are finally doing their first release this month:

2007 Veracity – 48% grenache, 39% mourvedre, 13% syrah – Shows off ripe, juicy huckleberry and boysenberry fruit that’s pure, complex and balanced, gaining depth and nuance. Firms on the finish, which is long and persistent. 181 cases produced. 92 points − Wine Spectator.

2007 Authenticity – 88% syrah, 12% mourvedre – A pure, delicious expression of red and black fruits, with layers of pomegranate, wild berry and huckleberry fruit that offers touches of sage, mineral and cedar. Ends with ripe, fine-grained tannins. 203 cases produced. 92 points − Wine Spectator.

2007 Ingenuity – 46% grenache, 43% syrah, 9% petite sirah,1% mourvedre, 1% zinfandel – Deliciously ripe, fresh and juicy, with supple blackberry, wild berry and black cherry fruit that’s spicy, balanced, complex and layered, ending with firm, integrated tannins. 327 cases produced. 94 points − Wine Spectator.

Tanzer also has 90+ scores. Minimum order is a 3 pack (1 of each) at $165/pack plus tax/shipping. I was allocated all of 2 packs. Question is…what is the buzz on these wines here? Justin Smith of Saxum is a consultant I know.

Any TNs yet anyone?

I got the info just now. I don’t remember why I signed up, but that is just due to bad memory. My main question with initial releases is pricing, and quite often it is very high. This one is $55 a bottle. Not terrible, but still a little too high for me for a first release. I guess I look at what I can buy right now on the open market for $165 and it is a lot more than what I think I’ll get out of a 3 pack of this.

Curious about style mostly. Justin Smith is making the wines.
Just hoping these aren’t over the top.

I got the same e-mail but I recall also getting an offer earlier this year. What makes this second offer the inaugural release? Odd.

edit: I just checked and that e-mail in January was just announcing this offer. Never mind. [bow.gif]

I like wine. I like classical piano. But this one doesn’t strike a chord with me neener despite the Paderewski connection.

I see they only make a few hundred cases of each cuvee. I suppose that could support $60 per bottle.

i’m on the fence - complimentary shipping might have knocked me over…


These were some of the more popular wines at HdR last month - with the combination of Justin Smith as a consultant on both the vineyard and winemaking side AND the popularity of westside Paso wines these days, it made a great deal of sense. And many that have written up about the event really like what they tried. I did not have a chance to get over there and taste them myself, so I can’t comment on the quality of the product whatsoever . . . but based on what others have said, it looks like a ‘good gamble’ . . .

IF you are comfortable spending the tariff - and this comes down to a personal decision about ‘value’. I’ve enjoyed reading the thread and seeing how folks are thinking about this - the process that people are going through is being repeated again and again, especially initial release.

I wish the folks at Epoch much success and hope that those who do end up purchasing find the wines to their liking.


I agree…$50 per with free shipping would have made it easier…at $55 plus shipping/tax it will like arrive at almost $65 per which is tough for an unknown in this market given the Rhone varietal alternatives in the 2007 vintage from both CA and the Rhone. Granted the reviews are pretty decent but not obvious “wows”. May jump in to give it a try figuring a 3-pack is not too big a risk…

At the moment, I’m taking the same approach as Dan. Under $50 all-in just sounds a whole lot more “reasonable” but I may take a flyer on a 3 pack.

Hey Larry, how about thinking of “Us” next time there is an “Initial release” wine in the same room as you??? Inquiring minds and all that. [cheers.gif]

I quite enjoyed these wines at HdR this year.

I am a bit confused with Justin Smith’s connection to Epoch. I had heard that his joining Epoch as consulting winemaker happened within the past year and that the 2007 vintage was actually made by a different winemaking team. Maybe Justin will chime in and clarify. But regardless of who made them, I did really enjoy Epoch’s lineup and look forward to tasting future vintages.

As opposed to Buying future vintages? [dontknow.gif]

Pricing has me on the fence as well. Hard to think of this in releation to Saxum at $75/bottle.

I decided to not particpate in this (I have WAY too much wine), but I changed my mind.

Here’s why:

  1. The owner (Bill Armstrong) is a geologist and apparently did the insanely rigorous Kevin Harvey site selection dance. I’m a sucker for that.
  2. They are making a Paso Zinfandel (not in this offering, but presumably soon). Turley Ueberroth from Paso is one of my favorites.
  3. This will allow me to see what Justin Smith can do with the world’s greatest grape (Zinfandel).

I’ll be a buyer. blush

At this pricing, I’ll just save my money and buy more Carlisle next month.

Shipping is not cheap, 80.40 for 8 bottles. Hope it is a mistake

Yeah, outside of CA, it’s either next day or two-day only. Yikes. I’m out.

No shipping to NJ… bye bye. None for me!!!

What is this Carlisle you speak of?.. pileon

Perhaps this will be the year to make the list. [worship.gif]

I think I will reluctantly pass on this one. They do not ship to Ohio. I have a CA option but then that adds a higher tax rate and double shipping. I am disappointed, but life goes on.