Envoyer Thread #2: Everything else

Here you guys go. A space to discuss other wines from Envoyer. I see that when people bring up non champagne in the champagne thread people always complain.

So here ya go. Go at it.

In the last month I have bought 16 bottles from Envoyer, only one of which is Champagne neener

ha. I bought my first btl of champagne from them this week in quite awhile. According to CT it’s been 4 years. O_O

Damn you, Charlie.

What’d you buy, Charlie? I can pick up for you (will be swinging by next week if my stuff’s ready). Lemme know.

Does Envoyer sell Champagne?

Lol, people complain way way to much! Wah. Since when does any thread here stay on topic!?

Oh, what is Envoyer?

Stop enabling me Charlie!

Damn, this thread attracts all the Brians.

Is this where I can post about all the Bourgogne closeout offers I get when all I really want is a decent champagne offer?

There was a back vintage Bordeaux email that came out earlier this week with some fantastic bottles listed. anyone grab any of those?


Hmm I think this thread is another attempt to harass someone by the mod who should have been fired :wink:



Brian and Brian! What is Brian?


I bit on the 2016 Alain Michelot Nuits St. Georges 1er ‘Les Champs Perdrix’ at $55 bones. Seems to be a great tariff for old vines in Cote de Nuits. About half the price of anything on Winesearcher and Cellartracker has most vintages over 92. What’s not to like?

Envoyer is pretty much the only retail store that I buy from anymore. Just too damn easily and the pricing is generally competitive. Nothing better than being on a long conference call when an email hits and thinking “I had no idea that I needed this bottle until now. 3 please.”

For the most part, I find their Rhones and Piemontese bottles are what I’m looking for from these regions. And then the occasional Burgundy offer.

I’m scaling way back on purchases. This is the hardest one to quit.

It is probably a good thing that their non-champagne offerings are so limited in scope, and focused on wines in which I have limited interest. It makes it MUCH easier to simply delete their offerings. If they ever started offering bdx I’d be toast.

envoyer and cellaraiders seem to be 90% of my buying these days