Entry level 2015 Bordeaux

I read somewhere that 2015 Bordeaux was like 1985 in that it was a friendly vintage which would give pleasure from early days. In the interests of science I have pulled the corks from a Medoc and a Margaux.
2015 Noaillac Medoc, medium depth of colour, quite simple, but good balance of fruit acidity and tannin. Really pleasant to drink now but a couple of years more without difficulty.
2015 Cusseau Margaux, slightly darker in colour and in fruit flavours, a bit more complexity with cedar aromatics exceeding expectations, good now, but with at least 5 years ahead.
These lesser wines were very good for current drinking, there was no overripeness or over extraction to worry those with a traditional palette, but no harshness to upset modernists either. The only cost about £10 to £12 and I really wish I had bought more.

Here’s my list of 2015s consumed so far this year. I found them all enjoyable except for the Tour de Mons:

Ch Lilian Ladouys 8/20/2021 90 Very enjoyable. It was slightly better than the 2016 bottle I opened earlier in the week.

Ch Marsac Séguineau 8/16/2021 90 Popped and poured. Drank over two nights.\nOnly a short time needed for it to open up.\nAlready in a great place.

Ch Guillou 8/5/2021 I enjoyed this bottle.

Ch Lalande 7/3/2021 91 Excellent St. Julien.

Ch Sénéjac 6/13/2021 91 Great bottle!

Ch Fourcas Dupré 6/8/2021 88 very good.

Ch Larose-Trintaudon 5/27/2021 90 Red blue and black fruits. Well integrated oak. Lightly spiced finish. Superb balance. Excellent bottle. This just keeps getting better and better.

Ch Marjosse 5/17/2021 88 14.5%abv. Elegant oak, not fully integrated. Drinking well already.

Ch La Tour de Mons 5/6/2021 89 Hard on opening. It took a while to soften on the second night. Never much fruit. I imagine this will be better in 4-5 years.

Ch Paloumey 5/1/2021 At first the oak scent was forward, but that settled down and the wine was very enjoyable. 89-90

Ch Fontesteau 4/30/2021 88 PnP, needed a little air to open up. Mostly red and blue fruit, well integrated oak and modest tannins. Pleasant now with potential upside from cellaring for a few more years. 13% abv.

Ch Lanessan 4/2/2021 89 Brighter and fruitier than the 2014 and the 2016, although certainly not fruit forward. This vintage may have the longest life of the three.

Ch Prieuré-Lichine 2/12/2021 I had to open one of these after reading Motz’ recent tasting note. I was in a bit of a hurry though, so we went with PnP and consumed over a 3 hour window. After a great start it just kept getting better the whole time and I was tempted to open a second bottle to have just one more glass. But reason prevailed and I finished dinner with a glass of something else. 94

Ch Haura 1/31/2021 My first 375ml bottle of 12 just purchased. I’ve opened several full bottles previously. This is very drinkable right out of the bottle, but a little decant time is helpful to bringing out the full character.

Ch Pey de Pont 1/6/2021 88 I liked this. Fruity with some tannic grip.

Thanks for the notes. There’s probably still a bit of this in regular retail channels.

You clearly have done more damage to your stocks than I have to mine. I agree the Senejac is good stuff, I had one a while back, but I have restrained myself from my Lanessan and Prieuré-Lichine. Good to know I have something to look forward to.

Agree w/ Chris on Senejac, Lanessan, Lilian Ladouys.

I have not tried most of the others on that list.

I would also add Bouscaut and Olivier. They’re Graves Cru Classe, priced a step or two above entry level, but still drinking well now with a bit of decanting.

I snuck a peak at a 2015 Cantemerle about 2 months ago. Answer was no. I am going to venture the higher the Merlot content the more likely the “drinkability”. I know everyone is going to jump all over me for the comparison but I think the 2015 vintage is much like the 2005 vintage (which is still very tight). IMO, it is not a “friendly early drinking vintage”…again more like 2005.

I picked up Bouscaut and Cantemerle EP, along with other more serious wines such as Brane Cantenac and Latour Martillac. Fortunately I have them stored offsite to prevent me getting too curious too soon.

That is a nice list, Chris! I would also add Capbern, Haut Brisson and Tour St. Christophe.


Thanks for the notes, guys. Very interesting

Another positive vote for the Lanessan.

Dalem from Fronsac has been a pretty juicy go to recently. That appellation can yield some great QPR.

On the other hand the 2015 Les Allées de Cantemerle, the 2nd wine from the estate, has been a delightful early drinker.

had Senejac 15 this spring, not a big fan yet:
4/18/2021 - I WROTE: (Edit) 88 Points
3hr decant. Textbook haut medoc elements with tight cassis, cigar box and some smoke. Unfortunately not exiting and missing some depth. first bottle from a 12er and I do hope the rest will improve over the coming years. Had a bit the same with 09, started pleasing me after 10 years maturing…

Have some other entries in my cellar: Tour Carnet, Siaurac, Fleur de Bouard and Charmail. Might pop one of those in the near future to check in on them after reading enthusiastic stories on this vintage.