Entre Nous

I have been a fan of these wines. The property is owned by Kristine Ashe right along highway 29, and Melka the winemaker. I received an email several weeks back from the winery that they were putting things on pause in order to not become complacent. I found that to be a little odd, I am sure there is a story, was just curious if anyone here had heard anything.

I got the same email and called the only person I know in Napa wine business. he wasn’t sure what was up with that, thought they must have had some other stuff going on or some issues with money. He said the perception was they were doing great. still making good wine.

I thought this was about the Rush song.


The wines are definitely great, and I’m kind of surprised this doesn’t happen more often. These wines definitely aren’t cheap, and it’s hard to attract new clients when you are getting low 90 point scores from Parker and Melka is making your wine. I bet they are back logged on vintages.

I have seen this place while traveling through Napa, but have never stopped. Sounds like I should have.

I enjoyed their 2010 but wasn’t impressed by the 2012, seemed a bit hollow for the vintage. Perhaps they are re-evaulating their winemaking.

Nick, I also had heard rumblings about the 12 vintage. I actually passed on this, so maybe a good thing. I find it hard to believe that things could have gone off the rails, the fruit source is prime. They did try and get gimmicky with a wine club about 2 years ago, so I guess that was the first sign of challenges.

i wouldn’t really describe that as a prime fruit source. from 29 to the border of the trail between the oakville/yountville border to rutherford doesn’t put out much fruit quality. when I say the border of the trail, I obviously mean stopping short of SE,harbison,tench,rudd, mcgah,fortuna,G3.
it is however, a prime location in terms of having visits. clearly the business model hasn’t been walk in tastings from 29 traffic.

Seems to me selling 100 dollar plus Cabernet and 60 dollar SB could be an uphill battle.

Already plowed through my 2013s. They were awesome, and I feel a bit cheap when picked up at $120 ea. Way too young but my self control is lacking… hope they find better times ahead.

definitely agree on the SB. I felt price was okay on the cabs with Melka as winemaker and Oakville area. Small production. I think it was $160 retail?

Glad to read the good note on the '13’s, as I have a few of those

I’m not really sure what the great SBs of California are but the Bevans and Rochioli wines are around half the price of Entre Nous.

And come South for some great SBs at much lower prices . . .

melka whites tend to push the envelope on cost- his own label, lail, and entre nous, for example.