End of Quarantine? 2018 (!!) Patricia Green Cellars Muscat Ottonel.

Hey folks. Since this is coming down we thought we would give folks a last Quarantine Offer shot at the Muscat Ottonel.

The twist is that this will be the 2018 version of this. I know everyone wants to write with great flourish how the vintage has impacted the wine and what nuances to expect in the new vintage. And there are merits to that information. However, in this case I really am not sure how much difference there is between the two. If you liked the 2017 I can see no reason at all for not liking the 2018 equally.

The deal is the same as it was on the 2017. Why wait for Berserker Day? Everyday is Berserker Day now.

Here’s the link:


“I feel like letting my freak flag fly” with this 2018 Muscat, but I am not getting a sixer deal pop up on the link when ordering 6 and even putting in the previous “BerserkerShip” code! Probably me, but maybe not? Any further instructions for the challenged?

It does have to be done from the Berserker packages. I may have given the wrong link. The regular Muscat shown on the website won’t do it. I think this link will take folks to the right page as opposed to just the Muscat page. My bad.

Here’s the 6 bottle link:


Here’s the case link:


Apparently we don’t have a pallet link but I feel like we should!

Thanks, Jim. My order is in.

This is just a straight-up no-brainer.

I’ve been waiting for this! In for a case! flirtysmile