EMH Vineyards Black Cat Cabernet Verticals - see you next year! thank you.

Welcome - or welcome back!

$205 for a 3-pack: 1 each 2011, 2012, 2013

$390 for a 6-pack: 2 each 2011, 2012, 2013

Collector’s Corner: $320 for 1 each 2006, 2007, 2008

_Go to EMH’s website at http://www.EMHVineyards.com, enter, and go to the order page.

All conditions posted on the website apply, including the charging of sales tax and shipping.

PayPal is the secure payment processor, but you do not have to use your PayPal account. There is an option to use your credit card.

To add your shipping address, just uncheck the box that says “same as billing address.”

Shipping options are not open - I will arrange shipping with you personally.

First come, first served. Quantities are limited by my inventory.

I will be here enjoying the fun, commenting, answering questions, and solving problems. I will be joined by my 2 Black Cats, Lady Sapphire and Blackie.

Don’t forget to check in on the auction: something special from my personal cellar/library.

Phone is 707-942-1393.



What he said… meauw!

In again and loving it.


In for one of each vertical!


Merrill, can we hold shipping for the fall (after we order the 2015s) and ship together to consolidate?

Yes. When I contact you for shipping in March, just tell me that is what you want to do.

Will you be posting your offer for tomorrow on the other thread today?

The offer is the same, and Todd posts those. This is my first year as a Berserker Business, so only the first time I have been able to sell on the 26th. Hope that answers your question.

I’m in, thanks Merrill.

In for the first time on Black Cat. These get such good press around here. I’m really looking forward to finally giving them a try.

But oops, my bad: I forgot to change the shipping address. Let’s update it when we arrange shipping, please.

I’m new to EMH and trying to figure out which would be a better option for me? 3-pack or Collector’s Corner?

Absolutely. No problem, there. Thank you for your order!

One of each [cheers.gif] .

I am down to a couple of cases of 2006, 2007, 2008. I personally love all these wines. They are aged but no where near over the hill. Price is steep, compared to the newer wines, but probably the last time these are available. Check out Cellartracker reviews and also search the Wine Talk forum.

The 2011 is ready to drink, leans more toward AFWE. 2012 is a bigger boy. 2013 was so fun, then took a (typical) step back 9-12 months after bottling. I need to look in on that one. But it is just as the others - no difference other than vintage.

Remember, these are as representative of “terroir” as you can get. Less than an acre, all planted to Cabernet. All Valley floor - very homogeneous. I have never purchased any fruit to add to what I grow. So what you see, vintage to vintage, are my decisions on when to pick, how to barrel them, and how to make the blends for the Special and the regular Black Cat. The biggest difference vintage to vintage is “simply” the weather.

Both. If only one - collector.

If u don’t have older ones. Buy the collector to try. See if u like it with some age on it. If u do load up on future vintages.

You will likely like them so might as well buy both now :wink:

Do both and you will be happy.

These are really great wines with loads of finesse!

Thanks, Mark. You posted while I was typing. Great advice (and not as long winded as mine).

I’m in for Collector’s and 3-pack! My BD Budget is sooo screwed.

Thanks, Mike. If you read notes on these wines, you will find that they do not drink well if they are too cool, and really best to decant for at least 2 hours.