EMH Vineyards Black Cat Cabernet - SOLD OUT! OFFER ENDED!!!

For the next 3 hours only!!

$195/3-pack: 1 each 2010-2011-2012 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon
Or save even more with a 6-pack:
$375/6-pack: 2 each 2010-2011-2012 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon

Current regular pricing is $95/bottle for 2010 - $90/bottle for 2011 - $85/bottle for 2012.

And for the collectors out there:
$320/3-pack: 1 each 2006-2007-2008 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon

And for the curious:
$150/3-pack: 3 bottles of EMH Non-Vintage “Little Black.” 100% EMH Cabernet fruit!

Quantities limited, while the supply lasts. Orders should be placed directly at http://www.emhvineyards.com – go to the Order Page and look for the BerserkerDay Specials.

Shipping in March/April, weather dependent. All terms and conditions stated on EMH’s website apply – including charging of sales tax and shipping.

Please be sure to review your order, submit it, and you will get an “order successful!” message when you do so. You will also receive an auto-generated confirmation of your order immediately upon placing it.

THREE HOURS ONLY! Email me at Merrill@emhvineyards.com with any questions, issues, or problems. I’ll be here!

not seeing Berserker day special??

BerserkerDay Deals PRE-LAUNCH (for purchase Jan 27 only)


Seems there is a little confusion out there. I will be here bright and early, waiting for your orders and standing by to talk about the wines.

WE were hoping that your offer was one we could buy today!

This is a purrrrrrrring offer, meauw!

Uhm,… Which three hours interval?

Just trying to make sure i dont miss this.

You need to be online tomorrow when the offer shows up. It’s a mystery to everyone (except Todd and Merrill.)

Todd has not told me yet!!!

This was my most anticipated BD offer and boy does it deliver. Serious question; is there an individual purchase limit?

Good question! I believe I put a maximum quantity of 2 in each section (so it would be 1 full case of 12). Maybe only 1 in the collector’s pack. I forget!
Tune in early tomorrow to find out! Hilarious…I’ll have to find out from my web guy.

$195 for 3 bottles of 10,11, 12
$320 for 3 bottles of 6,7,8
Is there a big difference in the quality or just scarcity at this point. Or am I not reading right - like a special selection somewhere in there etc?

But yah loved all that I’ve tasted which are the 9,10,11,12!

Sounds good. I’m looking at 15 bottles right now, but I guess I can cut a pack of Little Black if need be. Thanks.

No, no. There is no limit of a 12 pack overall. The limits are on each package. One could buy (I think - my web guy is out to lunch!) 2 - 6 packs plus 1 collectors pack, and two 3 packs of LB. I think that’s 21.

I have my 2 Black Cats hanging by right now to help clear my desk. Miss Finn the polydactyl female and Blackie (formally Black Magic), my big male. They love to hog the desk - not tomorrow! Not allowed!!

Sorry, Mark, I somehow missed this one. Yes sir, you have read the prices correctly. I do not believe there is any difference in quality - you can certainly check CT for notes. They are pretty consistent. But as years go by, my quantities of these wines dwindle. It has been some time since they were on my website. So it is probably one of the last opportunities to purchase these wines with perfect provenance and a bit of age on them. They went from the bottling line to the warehouse, and have my guarantee on the soundness.

Be sure you stay tuned for my auction item…one of my finest and, at this point, most rare.

Just thought I would toss in that I really love the 2011 Black Cat. Low alcohol, layers of complexity, and will be of interest to the crowd that is open to AFWE. It has lots of fruit, but just in a slightly different way. This 2010-2011-2012 trio has something for everyone, while staying true to my house style.

Merrill - Can you refresh me on the Little Black Non-Vintage?

If I recall, it’s 09-10-11 fruit?

Sure…it is around 60% 2011 vintage fruit and around 40% 2012. Something like that. All EMH fruit, and from those 2 vintages.

Awesome. I’ve got my plan together now; buying a little bit more than should, but not near as much as I want…