EMH Vineyards Black Cat Cabernet - 3 Hours only - SOLD OUT - offer ended!!

For the next 3 hours only!!

$195/3-pack: 1 each 2008-2010-2012 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon
$195/3-pack: 1 each 2006-2008-2010 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon

Or save even more with a 6-pack:

$375/6-pack: 2 each 2008-2010-2012 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon
$375/6-pack: 2 each 2006-2008-2010 EMH Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon

Current regular pricing is $90/bottle for 2006 and 2008 - $85/bottle for 2010 - $80/bottle for 2012.

Quantities limited, while the supply lasts. Orders should be placed directly at http://www.emhvineyards.com – go to the Order Page and look for the BerserkerDay Specials.

Shipping in March/April, weather dependent. All terms and conditions stated on EMH’s website apply – including charging of sales tax and shipping.

Please be sure to review your order, submit it, and you will get an “order successful!” message when you do so. You will also receive an auto-generated confirmation of your order immediately upon placing it.

THREE HOURS ONLY! Email me at Merrill@emhvineyards.com with any questions, issues, or problems. I’ll be here!

Thanks for such a great offer - will be waiting for the six pack to arrive!

Thank you! My daughter and I are here and working! And Sparkles, the Black Cat from the label, is on my desk under the lamp. A group effort this morning!

order in!!

Thanks Merrill

Missed out on this last year and glad to finally get to try it this year, in for 2006-2010 3 Pk, thx!

order in. Thanks.

Order in!

In for a 6-pack, easiest order of the day!

This message is for Sparkles

“meauw, meauw… purrrrrrr…” champagne.gif

The one I was waiting for. Thanks Merrill!


Order in been looking forward to this! Thanks [highfive.gif]

Thanks, everyone. My daughter has never been here for this - she thinks it is very fun [cheers.gif] !

Top of the hit list for me…in for a 6 pack

I’ve wanted to try this for the last few years and FINALLY placed an order. Can’t wait to try these wines!!

In for a 06-08-10 six pack.

In for a 06-08-10 6-pack

Order in. My first BD order.

In for a 6,8,10. Thanks and look forward to these.

You guys are awesome! And we have a number of new ladies ordering this year! Thank you!