EMH - Black Cat Vineyards - a 3 hour tour!!! (Offer closed)

I’m already behind in posting…and my coffee’s cold! Lots of notes here on Merrill’s wines…so do a quick search and find some, and post here if you like as well!

3 hour offer - 9am - noon Pacific.

$125/2-pack or $180/3-pack of EMH Black Cat 2009. Web price is normally $75/bottle Quantities limited, while the supply lasts. Orders should be placed directly at http://www.emhvineyards.com – look for the BerserkerDay Special.
Shipping in March/April, weather dependent. All terms and conditions stated on EMH’s website apply – including charging of sales tax and shipping.

Please be sure to review your order, submit it, and you will get an “order successful!” message when you do so. You will also receive an auto-generated confirmation of your order immediately upon placing it.

THREE HOURS ONLY! Email me at Merrill@emhvineyards.com with any questions, issues, or problems. I’ll be here!

In for one two pack, easy as pie.
Thanks, Merrill!

Merrill - Do you have an estimate on shipping costs to the east coast?

In for a 3 pack! Thanks, Merrill! Can’t wait to try them!

A 2-pack for me.

2-pack $19.71. 3-pack $22.53. 6-pack $32.57. case of 12 is $52.69. Styropacked.

Already have 2 x '09/'10 and conserving my $$ for '11 or I’d be all over this…

2PAC ordered.

In for the two pack. Great offer

Thanks. Order placed. Looking forward to trying your wine.

Thanks, everyone! It’s been a wild morning, as people discovered that the website went live after our test run last night.

I’m in. Looking forward to trying Merrill’s wines again.

Steve - the 2011 Special Selection will be offered as a future - probably goes out to the mailing list in March (just a short waiting list for the Special Selection - if you want to be on it, please email me). The “regular” 2011 Black Cat will not be offered until August. So if you want to spend your money now, I’ll take it! [cheers.gif]

You should be receiving an auto-generated confirmation from my system. One person just found theirs in their junk folder. If you have any doubts as to whether your order is in and confirmed, first check your junk, then email me if it is missing. I can send you a copy from here.

Yes - check your spam folder. I ordered last night and was wondering if it went through. Checked my Spam folder this morning and the confirmation had been sitting the the whole time.

Merrill - If I had only thought about Berserker’s Day a month or so ago, I could have saved myself some money on my order. Thanks for posting an offer!

Merrill- Will we be signed up on your mailing list if we ordered? Look forward to trying them!!

Hi Merrill,

I’m in for a 3 pack. We’re also looking forward to our visit in February with you… We can pick it up then!


Yeah, it would be hard to know where to draw a line, so I keep it at BerserkerDay hours. Otherwise, I might find myself refunding people money they spent months ago!

Yes! I take my mailing list directly from the year’s previous orders for the first wave. Then move from there. There will be plenty of 2011 - I picked before the rain and so did not experience the issues that some other vineyards did.