Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon

Enjoying this quite a bit tonight while I prep dinner; drinking it neat or with a cube of ice and a few drops of Peychaud’s. For $25, solid bourbon; on the sweeter side of the spectrum and very smooth.

Any other fans out there? Any other recommendations in the <$30 price range? Pappy’s and the like is no longer in my current rotation.

I’ve been through a couple bottles of this recently. Solid stuff for the price. I do prefer the Old Fitzgerald in this category though.

Thanks, I’ll check that one out too!

I’ll have to try both of these! And don’t forget Eagle Rare for about $24. Very solid.

Thanks, will check out the Eagle Rare too!

Good to see Eagle Rare hasn’t changed much!

I thought it wasn’t really “single barrel” anymore. Buy only about a $10 increase in 10 years Sure ain’t bad, especially compared to ETL, and any burgundy!

Nice offer in CC for $250 a bottle…almost made me choke.

While that is higher than secondary, it isn’t egregiously higher. But it’s way above what I would be willing to pay.


That’s nothing but a greedy flipper. hitsfan

My sister contacted me the other day. A distant relative was asking if I could get a bottle of ETL for her. Offered $150. I just laughed. It’s not about the money. It’s about finding it for my guests.