Elevation Wine Fund?

Was doing a search this morning on Wine Searcher and this wine investment fund came up as a seller, anyone have experience with them.


Wow since April 2012 and no answers. They are selling something I might be interested in. Does anyone have experience purchasing from them? Also on winesearcher they are listed in IL but they added CA sales tax to my possible order

Been eyeing a few things myself but haven’t pulled the trigger.

They have storage in Napa thus the CA sales tax. The IL address may be for tax purposes kinda thing.

Back in my Crush days I did business with them but on the selling side. Seemed like a legit operation with a good team but can not comment on a buying experience.

One negative experience and won’t go back. They have that somewhat real time inventory system. I ordered all the bottles of a particular wine that was wine-searcher low, but certainly a profitable sale. The order was cancelled. The wines are now listed at 50% more than I paid.
If they came to me and said “sorry, priced wrong” I would still never go back, but wouldnt have ill feelings. They said the wines weren’t available, sorry. And, lo and behold, there they are now.