Elegant Zinfandels

What are you favorite elegant zinfandels?

Joseph Swan changed my perception of Cali Zin.

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Ravenswood Single Vineyards.

Scherrer is my fave. Have limited experience with Nalle, but think it’s also really good.

That’s what I happen to be drinking right now

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Also: Scherrer OMV, Nalle Henderlong, and the new Bedrock Kirschenmann.

Also, it doesn’t get much recognition as a zin area, but last year’s HVS tasting at Zap included a flight of old-vine zins from Mendocino. These were a real eye-opener for me, completely transparent to the terroir. I’ll need to look up my notes to see what was poured.

Scherrer OMV.

I can’t find my notebook right now but this was the Mendocino flight:

2010 Claudia Springs,Rhodes Vineyard,Redwood Valley
2010 Dendor Patton, Golden Coro
2011 Carlisle, DuPratt Vineyard, Mendocino Ridge
2010 Graziano, Kazmet Vineyards, Redwood Valley

I remember the Carlisle being the standout for me, but I’d recommend seeking any of these out.

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Nalle’s standard and Henderlong.

Dutton-Goldfield’s Morelli Lane.

Scherrer Shale Terrace and Special Cuvee.

I like to say that Scherrer’s are zins made by a pinot wine maker.

Also, Dashe zinfandel l’Enfant Terrible.

Tough (and relative) question!

Chateau Montelena

Scherrer and benovia

Can you provide a definition of elegant zinfandel?

I first thought of Dashe.

Scherrer and Nalle Henderlong have been my two go-tos. Easton “Fiddletown” from the Shenandoah Valley is another excellent one.

As Larry mentioned, an emerging site for elegant Zins is Lodi’s unique Kirschenmann Vineyard. The Bedrock version is extremely focused, feminine and light on its feet. Can’t wait to try offerings from Carlisle and Turley. Arnot-Roberts is reportedly coming out with a Kirschenmann Zinfandel under 12% alcohol?

+1 on the Nalle [cheers.gif]

  1. Scherrer OMV
  2. Dashe l’Enfant Terrible

Elegant? I haven’t had one in years, but those used to be huge, powerful wines – not what I think of when I hear elegant.

Dry Creek Vineyards
Storybrook Mountain Vineyards