EIEIO & Company

Hello to all and THANK YOU for encouraging me to participate, both wineries and consumers! This will be fun.

I am Jay McDonald, owner, and originator of EIEIO & Company, a small producer of Pinot noir and Chardonnay located just west of the hamlet of Carlton in the Foothills of the Coast Range. I jumped into the wine business in Oregon back in 1995, as a retailer and Negociant. In 1998 I started EIEIO & Company, Oregon Bonded Winery Number 333, currently producing approximately 2,500 cases per vintage in a tiny 1,200 square foot winery on my farm. I focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Native primary and secondary fermentation, letting the vineyard and the vintage show through.

I’m in trouble now. Great to see you here Jay.

What a great name…that’s sure to imply great wines!?!

Jay is the “real deal”!

I’ll second that! The real deal…super great guy that’s making incredible wines! A true asset to the Berserkers community! Welcome Jay! [cheers.gif]

I purchased some of his Pinot in 2002 from Dean Reiman’s Wine Shack in Cannon Beach.

It was excellent but haven’t seen any since then. Will have to remedy that

Are they still named E, I and O???

Edited for grammatical error!

Anyone taste the Chardonnays recently or can comment on the style generally? TIA

Yep - the Cuvée wines are still E, I, & O (both Chadonnay & Pinot Noir)…and he has some pretty awesome single vineyard designates that are rocking right now! I’m betting Berserker Day will be an awesome opportunity to snag some great wines! Oh yeah - and don’t forget about the “entry level” wines - they’re pretty special in themselves!

With his Chardonnay’s, I like to think of a Chablis style. Such easy drinkers! I love the chards…the Cuvée wines really shine and like the Pinot’s, the single vineyard wines are rocking as well!

Very helpful. Thanks! [thankyou.gif]

The one bottle of your wine I had was from Jeff Colglazier. DELICIOUS! Looking forward to your offerings.

EIEIO & Company is a very good company. I tried a lot and am satisfied. You tried ? did you enjoy?

Hope that you are not in trouble! But I am fairly sure that I am…

Glad to read that I have at least one satisfied customer out here! Thank you.

Thank you Jake! Just wait for the 2019’s you had your hands in, and feet, and legs, and… All is good thanks to you guys.

I think I had the O for 99

Wow! I think I have four bottles left. Trust it was still holding up. My Cuvee O does not “happen” every year, as Mother Nature controls quality, not me, I just keep things clean and move the grapes into smaller and smaller containers as they go down the fermentation path. So when the Cuvee O is available, go for it!

Coming from you Andy, that is a real compliment. Same back at you. champagne.gif

I drank that long ago…time to negotiate…sub one in with my order manana?? [cheers.gif]