EIEIO - 3 offers for BerserkerDay 11

Berserker Day 2020 !!!

Ladies & Gentlemen - Berserkers of all Ages! Welcome to the inaugural Berserker Day offering for EIEIO & Company Wines! Winemaker/Owner, Jay McDonald, that’d be me. I am all new to this Berserkers Site so let me know if I am doing anything right or wrong.

I jumped into the wine business in Oregon back in 1995, as a retailer and Negociant. In 1998 I started EIEIO & Company, Oregon Bonded Winery Number 333, currently producing approximately 2,500 cases per vintage in a tiny 1,200 square foot winery on my farm. I focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Native primary and secondary fermentation, letting the vineyard and the vintage show through.

I have three incredible offers - available for one day only & only for Berserkers! I hope that many of you stock up on this offer, enjoy my wines over time, then fly out to Oregon and see what else I am up to!

Chardonnay Celebration Offer
Chardonnay – Since 2010 I have used the pre-oxidative method with my Chardonnay. No additions of yeasts, enzymes. Wine stays in barrel from 18 to 23 months without stirring or racking.
2 x 2016 EIEIO & Company Chardonnay - Cuvee E
2 x 2017 & Company Chardonnay - Cuvee E
2 x 2017 & Company Chardonnay - Cuvee I

Regular Price $310
BD 11 Chardonnay Offer $182
Includes box and shipping to Continental 48

Six-Year Vertical Pinot Noir
2011 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E
2012 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E
2013 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E
2014 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E
2015 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E
2016 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Cuvee E

Regular Price $300
BD 11 Pinot Vertical Offer $178
Includes box and shipping to Continental 48

EIEIO New Additions!!!
6 x 2017 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Bingo Pinot
6 x 2017 EIEIO & Company Pinot noir - Swine Wine

Regular $403
BD 11 Animal Offer $275
Includes box and shipping to Continental 48

If there are other wines you might be interested in purchasing, feel free to go to my website


and fill out an order form. I will do my best to make it happen. Aiming to please out here in “Argon: The Inert State.”

Wine Info:
2016 Cuvée E Chardonnay: If you like Chablis, this is for you. Since the 2010 vintage, my Chardonnays have been made in a counter-intuitive method known technically as hyper oxidative and jargon-wise as Black Chardonnay. No additions of yeasts, enzymes or unnecessary movement of the juice nor wine were performed. Initial aromatics lean toward an ocean influence, showing a fresh Shigoku oyster with a squeeze of lemon. Inhale again and Mirabelle plums with torn basil dominate the nose. In another twenty minutes, the wafting of warm wet stones along a fly-fishing stream emerges.

2017 Cuvée E Chardonnay: This Chardonnay is a harmonious blend of three Vineyard sites in Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Yates Conwill, Saffron Fields, and Maverick Vineyard. Primarily consisting of Chardonnay Clone 76, 95 and 548. The nose entry has fresh-pressed linen and notes of new bales of hay. Opening with a lovely tart, minerality, accents of lemon, nectarines, and tropical fruits. The finish is more about salivating, with a light oak influence, tropical nuances, mango, and brine.

2017 Cuvée I Chardonnay: Opens with a prominent floral nose, hints of perfectly ripe Asian pear on the front, with a smooth, light creaminess of sweet cream ice cream on the back. Moves into stunning butterscotch, burnt marshmallow, and tart, light Greek Yogurt on the finish.

EIEIO Cuvée E Pinot Noir: This wine is offering up everything! I attribute this to the open-top fermentation allowing for any kind of flora to find its way into the fermentation. The Cuvée E evolved in approximately 15% new French oak with the other 85% French oak barrels being neutral, having been used for at least five years prior. This wine evolved in the barrel without any movement or introductions of outside influences other than Mother Nature. Letting the wine mature for over 20 months in-barrel allows for the softening of tannins and the evolution of more interesting flavor compounds.

2017 Bingo Pinot Noir: Bingo the dog is a bit of a mutt, combining the best of many breeds. Bingo the Pinot combines the best qualities of several vineyards. The result is a smart and balanced, vibrant and lively wine, ready for just about anything from a picnic to a tailgate to any dinner; formal or informal, or for day drinking!

2017 Swine Wine Pinot Noir: Swine Wine, the original…the Pinot noir which made people laugh, smile, share and drink with reckless abandon. Take heed if you want the best, Swine Wine is the best over-performing Pinot for the price wine from Oregon!

Important Things To Remember:

  1. Shipping + Box is INCLUDED for this ONE DAY!
  2. Please email Jay@OnHisFarm.com for all orders
  3. Want more info on the wines and/or winery? Please visit https://onhisfarm.com

Incredible offers Jay! Love that six year vertical!

In for the Chard Celebration and 6 year PN vertical

Super excited!! [cheers.gif]

Outstanding, drank through 2 sets of those verticals. Getting more today.

For those of you who don’t know him, Jay is extremely modest [snort.gif] . His wines rock [worship.gif] , and age extremely well (if you can keep your grubby hands off of them).

Invest heavily!!!


champagne.gif This looks wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity.

Couldn’t agree more! Zero hesitation on buying any of these wines!

All set Jay!

Nice talking with you!

Oh my! I am inundated with orders! This is great. Thank you to all and especially Todd French and Jake Jagears for letting me know how this works. Nicest people as well.

Hey neighbor! Good luck today :slight_smile:

~ Beth

What he said!

Jay is a gas to chat with, and the wines are fantastic. His vineyard designates are among my favorites and if you can tack on a couple to a package, it’s well worth it.

Hey Jay - not sure how I missed this one…but do you still have any allocations of the “Animal Offer” still available?

Good times out on the Wild Wet Westside of Carlton! Be sure and attend our open houses… Detail to follow soon!

I have around three more of these left… LOAD UP with a passel of hogs!

Thanks Marcus! Let’s have dinner TONIGHT! Let me know as I have some slow cooking winter stew happening…

Thanks DJ! And the next time you are out, you will KNOW the correct trail to take. No more driving! Stumbling home is always better. And you never know who you might run into around the farm…

OMG! I totally missed BD11. Working on an all consuming project. I sent an email on the off chance the one day window hasn’t completely shut.


I think Jay is traveling

These, and 3 back vintages of the O Cuvee PN in the house!

Thanks Jay!!! Super-excited to try these!!